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Friday, April 08, 2011

pocket park...

Everynight after dinner, Hadlea, Berkley and I have been going down to the new pocket park in our neighborhood. She is LOVING it! Although we have a playset in our backyard, this one is made more for her current size, so she can climb the stairs and slide all on her own! And good Lord, do NOT think about trying to help her! Ha! Miss Independent...
When you tell her to wave to the neighbors out walking, this is usually what they get!
belly, belly button and boobies!
And NO, I did not teach her that! 
This is her newest thing... with her hands up she goes around saying, "What this?", "What that?", "Where paci?", "Where bubba?". Those are about the 4 we usually get and it is beyond hilarious! She will even sometimes hide her paci and say, "Where paci?" and laugh. She is just SO funny these days! {I tried to get a picture from the front but everytime I tried, she wouldn't do it... so you get the idea from the back! :) }
And a LONG video of our dare devil. This girl is crazy! She is only 16 months old.... she amazes be every day!
We have some friends in from out of town so we enjoyed cooking out and letting the kids play outside! Definitely a weekend of pictures coming soon! Until then...

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