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Friday, April 01, 2011

more teething...

The week has been LONG! TGIF!! I am still just getting over my sinus and ear infection! I thought ear aches ended at a young age! :) Now I know how my sweet girl feels when she has one... it is so uncomfortable! I got called by Hadlea's daycare on Monday that she was running a 101 fever. I went to pick her up and this is what I seen..
Poor baby girl! Her cheeks were so red, and she looked miserable! I was praying and praying that I didn't pass on my sinus infection. Once we got home, I gave her some Tylenol and that was the end of the fever. She never ran it again! Although she was REALLY clingy! Since she couldn't go back to daycare on Tuesday, Aunt Leslie came to the rescue to babysit! They spent most of the day playing! H LOVES her Aunt Les and thinks she is super funny!
That evening, I noticed she was chewing on her fingers and realized she had two more top teeth coming in! This will complete her top teeth... this girls has a mouth full! Goodness... I think she still needs two on the bottom and that will be it! After a little Orajel, she was good to go!
Grammie had to come this way for work so she kept Hadlea on Wednesday! Hadlea was in heaven! Thursday, Hadlea went back to daycare, daddy and I worked, and I started back at the gym after almost 3 weeks! I ALMOST died! I cannot believe how fast you can get out of shape! Yikes!

I haven't taken many pictures this week, but I did get a couple of my sweet baby boy who doesn't get many appearances on the blog these days! He was so happy that Hadlea went back to daycare on Thursday! Ha! He spent most of the day in my lap and getting lots of mommy lovin'!
We have a fun weekend planned!
Enjoy yours...


Annie said...

Poor H! Hope that she is feeling better soon!!

Raven said...

Isn't it so sad when our babies are sick?? Hope she's back to normal by now. Also, LOVE LOVE her name. Adorable~ :)

Jessica said...

Poor thing! I hope she gets to feeling better!

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