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Monday, April 18, 2011

ed bassmaster - you tube

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Justin helping with a commercial/You Tube video. I wanted to wait until all of the videos were posted to share before I wrote. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that Justin is WAY into fishing! It is his passion... and I will always support him in whatever he is loving!

Also, if you have read for any length of time then you probably read about this and this, where I was the wife of the year and got him hooked up with Fred Roumbanis, a professional fisherman. Now, they are the very best of friends and talk daily! I often wonder who they both talked to before meeting each other. They are seriously worse than girls! Ha!

Fred is now designing his own rods with iRod (kind of like Jordan having a line of shoes with Nike... that is how I get things put into perspective for me.. with football and basketball examples Ha!) Fred now has Justin a deal to by these same rods at cost! Super good deal for my checkbook! :)  Fred has been trying to get the word out on these new rods so he got You Tube comedian, Ed Bassmaster, to come down from Philadelphia and shoot a video of them fishing with the rods. I don't know how many of you have heard of Ed Bassmaster {Bassmaster is really not his last name}, but he gets MILLIONS of hits on his videos. He goes around playing pranks in public areas. Some of them are beyond hilarious! Ed works for You Tube so he has his own You Tube channel here.

For the shoot, they went fishing and used Justin's boat for the camera guy, and Justin even played the camera guy at times. You can see the video here. (Justin's boat is red and he is wearing an orange jacket.)

While Ed and his camera guy were in town, they also shot a video at our local Bass Pro. You can see it here.

Before Ed and Matt flew home, we all had a cookout and went out one evening! It was a great night...
Justin & I
Fred & I
Ed & I
(he is rarely serious... but completely different in person than in the videos!)
Now... if we can just get Justin FREE rods, reels, gas and lures, we would be good to go! Ha! But so proud to see Justin doing what he loves and having close friends that share his passion!

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