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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

So last post for Easter! I think I had more posts than I did at Christmas and her birthday! Ha! It was that great of a celebration, I guess! We have had a great week, so I will be sharing about that tomorrow, hopefully!

And I do want to say how sad I am for the people of Alabama and the other southern states! I CANNOT believe those tornadoes and all of the devastation! I get CNN breaking news on my phone and when I got the first update yesterday evening, there were already like 26 killed and the tornadoes were still on the ground! I cannot believe the death tolls are still rising. My heart is just breaking for those people! We will definitely continue to pray for them and their families! Hoping none of you had family in that area!

Sunday morning, it was up and ready for church! It was POURING down rain, but out the door we went anyway! How does it ALWAYS turn off cold on Easter?! I was so sure it would be nice and warm since Easter was late this year, but no luck! Oh well... it could definitely always be worse so it is nice to get to church and celebrate Jesus!
My sweet little family!
My baby girl and me!
{And I LOVED Hadlea's outfit! The dress/tutu (it's one piece) was Brynlee's and Shannan gave it to us after B outgrew it! And I am so glad she did! I thought it worked perfect for Easter! I just topped it off with RuffleButt tights and a Ralph Lauren sweater!}
Grammie and Hadlea!
After church, Alan and Amanda invited us out to brunch at the country club! It was SO good! I am pretty sure I gained the 5 lbs I have been trying to lose before the beach!
Alan, Hadlea and I
Amanda's family.
Her dad, brother, mom, Amanda and Alan
Amanda, Hadlea and I
The future Kilian's!
Alan and our mom
Alan and Amanda got H this Easter basket with candy, a purse, a doodle mat and of course a baby! This baby came with a pacifier so her and Hadlea are best friends... they even share paci's! Ha!
After we got home from the country club, it was time to dye eggs! I found these little cups that you could put the dye in, then drop the egg in and then shake them and they wouldn't spill. They were not 100% spill proof, but they did pretty good! Hadlea atleast got to somewhat participate!
All she was interested in here was cracking the egg. Once she figured out they cracked, she wanted to crack all of them! I cracked one and let her taste the egg... She kept feeling it and saying, 'goss' (gross)!
Then came nap time! This little girl had a FULL weekend and she was exhausted! After naptime, the Easter bunny had came! She wasn't quite sure what to think!
Her goodies! Shirts, bathing suit for the beach, Sun hat for the beach, a bath baby (which she LOVES), bubbles, chalk, animal crackers and some candy!
Her full basket! I am so glad I had this basket made! I just LOVE it!
Grammie and Grampie got her this water table for outside! I was really hoping it would be warm over Easter for her to play in it, but maybe this weekend! She loves to play in water, so no doubts she will love this!
Before bedtime, it was a quick game of peek-a-boo in the bathtub! She is SO much like her daddy in trying to make you laugh!
We definitely had a great, busy weekend! Now it has been back to the real world! :) Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter with family and/or friends!


Allison Craig said...

She is too cute for words, seriously! That Easter outfit is ADORABLE! Fin got a water table too... I wasn't happy with the one we got her and am debating returning it.. you will have to let me know what she thinks :)

Raven said...

adorable pictures! Love the ones of you and your girl, she is beyond precious. We also have that stand up water table, my kids love it in the summer.

katie@tulsadetails said...

Her dress is beyond adorable!!! Love her Easter basket, too. It is so stylish!

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