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Monday, April 25, 2011

celebrating Easter at daycare!

I am SO thankful for finding Hadlea's daycare! I wish we would have put her in sooner, however, I do not think I would have been as grateful for it if we had! We went through many to get her to this one, and I am SO thankful that this is where we ended up! They are truly amazing people!

Each week they have a theme and do crafts depending on the theme. This past week was Spring... here is the art that was sent home! I 'heart' the caterpillar and hand print flowers!
Thursday they had an Easter party and egg hunt. We were supposed to send a dozen filled eggs. I also made some treats for her class. And this is her basket I had made a few months ago... I 'heart' it too! I guess I am 'heart-ing' alot about Easter this year! Ha!
I found these little tags at the same place I did her Valentine's tags. You can find the free printables here. I used the blank ones and photoshopped the 'Happy Easter'! 
My sweet baby girl all dressed and ready for daycare!
She was SO happy that morning! She must have known it was going to be a fun/special day! I am not a fan of taking her on days when she is in a good mood... I just want to keep her home! Now... on the moody days, I don't mind taking her! Ha! jk
The daycare did the egg hunt in the morning and then the Easter bunny came in the afternoon. The parents were invited to see the Easter bunny. Grammie arrived in town right before I went, so she joined in too!
Obviously and much like I had envisioned, Hadlea was NOT a fan of the Easter bunny. She just kept saying, "outside, outside"! ...I guess she wanted to get far away as possible from that bunny!
I have a TON of Easter pictures so I am breaking them up into separate posts!
So more Easter tomorrow... :)

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