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Saturday, April 23, 2011

baby bro's 27th bday...

My little brother, Jake, just celebrated his 27th birthday! I swear... I cannot tell you how OLD that makes me feel! I do not feel old enough to be close to 30, and I am DEFINITELY not old enough to have a 27 year old baby brother! Jake and his friends went ALL OUT for his big day so the rest of  the family headed to Oklahoma City to join in on the fun!

Jake, me, our dad, Alan (older brother) & Amanda (soon to be SIL)
 the family with family friend, Chase.
 Jake, dad and Alan
 Jake's friends that made it out to eat. I would say this is about 1/3 of the people that showed up!
 From dinner, we headed out in the stretch hummer limo to a club, Nova... I did mention they went ALL out, right?! :)
 my baby boy and I
 'no hands' ...the theme of the night!
 Alan and Amanda
 me and my very sweet soon to be SIL
 me, Amanda, Alan and Jake
 Happy Birthday, Jake!
After Nova, we headed out in this... an RV party bus that holds 40+ people! I have to tell you at this point it is about 1:30 AM... I am still holding strong with all of the young ones! Ha!
 stopping at the casino!
 Jake and I again.
It was a very good night! I did become very old around 4AM and had the party bus drop me off at my hotel.. those kids were still going like it was midnight! ...soldiers I tell you! :)

Why mom was off with the young kids and daddy was at a fishing tournament, baby girl will play with Grammie and Grampie... or Gigi and Papa. Hadlea is in the process of renaming everyone! She is now calling Grammie, Gigi and Grampie, Papa! Who knows if it will stick!

I do have to say that my parents ABSOLUTELY rock! No matter what kind of crazy request I give them, they always seem to make it happen! I wanted to go to Jake's birthday party, but it was about an hour and a half from where I live and about the same amount of time away from my parents. I asked if they wanted to meet me there and get a hotel room! Once Alan and Amanda decided to go too, we all decided to stay at the same place. Alan ended up buying our hotels rooms, and we all got to stay together! I just love family time and when plans fall together!

Hadlea had her first chocolate shake with Grampie Papa!
Hanging with Papa in the courtyard!
And swimming with Gigi!
Hadlea even got breakfast in bed!
Playing babies with Uncle Alan!
Overall a super great weekend with the family! We all had lunch together before heading home! We were so ready to get home to daddy! He had a great fishing tournament, but was no doubt ready to get home to us too!


Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

What a great weekend! So I have to ask... Were y'all or At least Hadlea at cheesecake factory last Sunday?? My mom, Erik, Molly and I were leaving cheesecake factor in OKC around 12:30 or 1 and Erik has Molly in the breeze way while I was paying check and I swear I saw H! I recognized her outfit bc it's one hat both m and her have and then sure enough she turned around and I'm pretty sure it was her! I'm guessing she was with your mom bc I didn't see you around! Haha I was going to get on and comment on your blOg to see if it was her but as you know I went in to labor hat afternoon :)

Mandy said...

Wow Jake should not be that old! YOu just made me feel old too! Looks like you had a blast.

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