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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

amm's bridal shower

Saturday morning, Grammie, Hadlea and I got up and ready for Aunt Amanda's last bridal shower before the big wedding! Only about 3.5 weeks before we will be leaving the good ol' US of A for Turks and Caicos... the beach... and hopefully some VERY yummy drinks with little umbrellas! Ha! Does it sound like I'm ready and counting down the days?!

I think this picture is take 30+... Hadlea was NOT in the mood to have her picture taken!
Grammie and Hadlea
The shower was at a family friend's bed and breakfast! It was gorgeous! They are in the process of redoing an old house that will be ready this summer! It is only about 3 miles from my house, but I am definitely interested in staying the weekend!
the food tables!
This was taken out of the kitchen. The pool had a water fall to the side. The outside is beautiful!
Me, Hadlea and the future SIL/Aunt!
Me, Amanda, Bridgette, and Grammie
Aunt Amanda and her mom, Janelle
Amanda, baby Madison, Sarah and Morgan
Hadlea found the horse back in one of the rooms and LOVED it! You bet I text a picture to daddy and told him to get on making one asap! Ha!
sweet girl.
Amanda got lots of fun stuff and because some of us going to the wedding were told NOT to get them another gift for this shower, Hadlea wanted to get Auntie A and Uncle Alan some Easter presents off of their registry! :) Such a sweet girl she is... and such a good sister/SIL I am for following their orders and not buying them anything else from me! :)

We are on the downside of making sure everyone has all of their dress clothes, beach clothes, bathing suits, etc, etc, etc... I am hoping everything goes super smooth, but most of all, I cannot wait for Amanda to officially be a part of our family!


katie@tulsadetails said...

The shower looks so fun!!! Great job! I didn't realuze your brother was getting married in the Turks and Caicos! Where are they getting married? We are thinking about going this fall. I have a close friend who is getting married there at The Veranda!

Amy Harmon said...

This post makes me SO happy. I am so thrilled Alan is FINALLY marrying an amazing girl...but just as thrilled you get a great SIL! It is NOT possible for Hadlea to get any cuter Heather. I love love love your pics. Have a great wedding/vacation. All my love to the Kilians! xo

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