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Friday, April 29, 2011


Wednesday night, we went out to Rusty and Nana's since we didn't get to see them on Easter because of the weather. Hadlea loves to go out to their house to see the horses and their horse of a dog, Jolene. Jolene pretty much comes up past my waste on all fours, and Hadlea thinks she is hilarious! It was little cold so she didn't get to spend much time outside.

But she did get alot of riding done inside! Rusty and Nana got Hadlea this 4-wheeler for Easter... Does she not already look like a professional rider!? Ha!
She HAD to give her baby a ride... which she thought was funny too!
Riding must wear a girl out so she took an ice cream break with daddy!
Daddy IS funny!
She also got some super cute dresses, chocolates and bubbles from Rusty and Nana.
Hadlea got this personalized bunny from Aunt Donna! She always comes up with the CUTEST stuff! She knows how much I love monogramming! :)
A video of our little rider! Her laugh is just so contagious!


Erin said...

ooo oo I am loving that Green Dress. Target has some super cute stuff right now :) Hoping it goes on sale soon so I can stock up on a ton of it!

Love the 4 wheeler.. we have one that Alex rode and now Avin loves it :)

Paige said...

She looks like she absolutely loves that 4 wheeler. They must be a great toy for girls, CB has always loved hers as well. Her Easter basket are full of lots of goodies, that little personalized bunny is so sweet =)

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