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Friday, March 11, 2011

the word of the week...

Laundry! Laundry is the devil, and it is taking over my house! Ha! And of course it would be the week before I leave for a trip over the weekend! Our dryer went out last weekend... our just over a year dryer... and I didn't buy an extended warranty either! Grrrrr.... We had the repair guy out to look at it, and it was our heating element, which we assumed. And... AND the place that came to look at it doesn't keep that heating element in stock. They have to order... which takes 3 to 7 business days to get in! Ummm... hello... I have a trip coming up. They didn't seem to care! :) Anyway, I had to pay an extra $35 to have the part overnighted, and it was put in yesterday. Oh how I sometimes despise the responsibility of a being out on my own! Oh well... yesterday was a FULL day of laundry and packing!

This weekend is my soon to be SIL's bachelorette party! I am so excited to get away for the weekend with some SUPER fun girls! And getting to see my BFF, Shan, is like icing on the cake! BUT... this will be my first weekend away from Hadlea. {queue the big fat first time momma tears} Grammie is coming to spend the weekend at our house. I know H will be spoiled beyond belief and will not even know I am gone! But the thought of leaving her for an ENTIRE weekend.... okay, so it will be one full day that I will not see her, but the thought is killing me.... and making me super sick to my stomach!

I am sure I will have lots of pictures to share next week... or I will atleast try to take some that are okay to post.. you never know what those crazy girls will scam up for Auntie A! :) But here are a few pictures I can share from this week... Hadlea's hair is getting so long and it is falling in her face. We are having to clip her bangs to the side to keep them out of her face. This is right before we left for daycare Wednesday. Super sleepy and Eggo in hand....
After work and daddy bringing home H from daycare on Wednesday, we headed to Uncle Alan and Auntie A's to do some... you guessed it, laundry! I was just so afraid I wouldn't get it all done before I left, and I definitely do not want to come back to 9 loads of laundry! I am sure Grammie will be left a couple loads to do too... but she is always good to do it anyway!
H had to kiss her cousin, Avery, before we left! They became great friends after hanging out all evening.. or it was the fact that Hadlea had crackers and Ave didn't mind eating her leftovers off the floor!
It was WAY past Hadlea's bedtime when we got home, but she was in a great mood so we spent some time playing! She LOVES to go without clothes! Anytime she is whiny, I take her clothes off... it normally puts her in a better mood! Such a strange little monkey she is!
Her new favorite thing... climbing through the window of her car!
After H went to bed, it was more laundry for clothes that do not need dried. Our house looked like it got hit by a tshirt tornado! I should have definitely taken a picture. There were clothes EVERYWHERE! Yikes!

And this  picture is from my iPhone... terrible quality, but Hadlea is WAY into going through our laundry and putting on our clothes... shirts, shorts, underwear, bras, whatever she can find! And yes, she has brought out a pair of undies while we had company. Thankfully it was only Julie, so it wasn't SUPER weird, just kinda weird! :)
I meant to do a post on Lent as well, which I still might do this week, but Wednesday was also Ash Wednesday... which meant the beginning of Lent, church and giving up something... this year, I gave up Diet Coke! I am so addicted and drinking WAY too many a day. I am on day number 2, and it is all I can think about... which I think is great! Because each time I think about giving it up, it makes me think of all of the reasons behind why I am giving it up! Easter is such a special time.. and a time to remember Jesus and all he was going through! I cannot wait to teach H all about Easter and start our own traditions! The Easter bunny always came to our house when we were little, and although we might not always go home, it seems to find us wherever we are! :)

I leave today for the bachelorette party! Such mixed emotions, but I cannot imagine not being with my soon to be SIL on her last weekend out... well... she has a few more weekends of not being married, but this is the weekend where you get the 'hall pass' to be crazy! JK! :) Hope your weekend is great!

Side note: Really praying for Japan and everyone affected by the earthquake. My heart just hurts for all involved. A kid I went to high school with is over there and his mom was leaving the US to go visit him. He is safe and it looks like her trip is still on! Also praying for everyone in the path of the after affects! Such a scary time as they wait it out! This doesn't help ease my mind as I leave Hadlea for the weekend... so many times I want to wrap her in a bubble and never let her out of site!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the picture of Hadlea with your dog. That is adorable! Sorry about your dryer drama! :( Ugh! Hope it works out soon. I would DIE without my dryer. It also serves as my iron :)!

Jenna said...

I can soooo sympathize with the laundry comment! It feels like it never, ever ends around here!

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