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Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend with grammie...

While I was in Kansas City for Auntie A's bachlorette party, Hadlea was livin' it up and getting overly spoiled by her Grammie! I was so glad that Grammie agreed to come stay with Hadlea while I was gone! It was hard enough to leave her, but knowing she was in her own home and on her own schedule was comforting!

After Grammie and H dropped me off, they headed to the zoo! Grammie said she loved it and squealed at every single animal!!
eatin' a snack, checkin' out animals with her baby!
 our little monkey!
 petting zoo!
I have mixed emotions about seeing her in this wagon! The last time she was in it, she face planted into the bottom! Thankfully this time she left unharmed!! :)
 having a drink with her baby in the rain forest!
 checking out the animals!
Saturday they met Aunt Amanda's mom, Grandma Janelle, for lunch and then headed to the park!
 NO FEAR on the slides!
I know Hadlea had a great weekend with her Grammie! She was super worn out when I got home and went straight down for a nap!
Thanks so much to Grammie for keeping her, putting up with Justin and I calling and sending pictures to keep us up to date! I know you love to keep her, and we are thankful for that! We love you so much and thanks for all you do for us!

1 comment:

Grammie said...

I am sure I had more fun than you. I loved every.single.minute. Thanks for asking. Love you all so much

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