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Friday, March 04, 2011

SUYL - Show us your Family

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner does a weekly 'Show Us Your Life' topic for everyone to join in and write about. I don't always join, but I thought this was a great topic. Show us your family... and by family, she meant the people you grew up living with.
My parents. They have been married for 30+ years. I believe that is what I respect them for the most. Sticking together! I know marriage can be tough, especially when they both worked full-time jobs and raised 3 kids. They are just amazing people. If you know them, you know their is no question. And they make pretty awesome grandparents too!

My dad. Steve. The hardest working person known to man! My dad farms. He runs cattle and wheat, along with a million other things that I can NEVER keep up with! He works from sun up to sun down. I remember times growing up that I would be going to bed as he was getting in from the farm. He would always do whatever was needed to keep his head above water and support our family's needs. He instilled great values in me. Respect. He taught me to always be respectful. And I definitely got disciplined if I did otherwise! :)

My mom. Deana. I have always taken my mom for granted. Since becoming a mother, I have definitely realized how much I lean on my mom. She is there whenever I need her. I can count on her day or night. One time, I was painting my den at our old house and at 1130 at night, I started crying because I hated the color. I called to tell her, and she left right then and drove 2 and a half hours, arriving at 2AM to be there when I went to look at a new color the next morning! If I am half the mother to Hadlea that my mom was to me, Hadlea will definitely be in good shape! :)

My brothers. Oh goodness. I was the only girl and middle child. But not having to share clothes or a bedroom was FINE by me! Ha! These two would give you the shirt off their back at anytime. I am a better person because they are both in my life!

Alan. My older brother by 5 years and on the right in the picture. I have definitely learned more about life from Alan than anyone else. I can always turn to him for advice. But I learned the most from him by watching his mistakes growing up! Ha! I definitely knew what NOT to do when I got older! Alan will soon be marrying my soon to be SIL in May. His love for her is amazing. It was so special to watch it all unfold. Alan is also a great uncle! He will call to check on Hadlea atleast every other day. I know they will have an awesome relationship as she gets older.

Jake. My younger brother by 2 years and on the left in the picture. Oh Jaker.... he is definitely the baby of the family! :) I think we all try to direct his life for him and are constantly telling him what he should be doing with his life... girlfriends, jobs, friends, etc! But he takes it in stride. He doesn't usually listen and does just want he wants... but that is Jake. Ha! I talk to Jake almost daily. If not talking, we text. I am always in contact with him and being nosey about what he is doing... although he doesn't know I am being nosey because I act like I really care, when really, I just want to make sure he is okay! Ha! He would call me Deana (my mom) if he knew this! Jake is definitely one of my very best friends!

If there was ever a chance, that I could introduce my family to every single person that has crossed my path in life, I would. Each of you would be a better person for knowing them. For one, if you were ever in trouble and needed someone to turn to, they would help you in a minute, without question. I am a better person because of them... and I hope as I raise my daughter, that I can make her feel the same way about her daddy and I along with any future brothers or sisters. It is such a special feeling to know you will never be alone. I will ALWAYS have my family by my side.
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