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Saturday, March 05, 2011

project 365 - week 9

You can find week 8 here!

Girl Time! Justin and I had a night out in Enid with my high school girlfriends and their husbands. It was a much needed night of catching up! Hadlea had fun seeing animals with Grammie, Grampie, Gigi and Grandad at the County Livestock Show!
Order in the court! Hadlea got to visit Grammie's office at the courthouse and set in Judge Jack's chair!
Playin' with the cousins! Aunt Les, Brandon, Riley and Hannah came over for dinner! The kids got in some much needed play time!
Bubble mohawk! Hadlea is really into bubble baths. We spend almost every night playing in the bubbles!
Bubble time outside! Before having G, Taran and Trevin over for dinner, daddy and Hadlea spent time blowing bubbles!
Picture day! It was Hadlea's first school picture day! We got a note the evening before the pictures so I had to throw something together for her to wear! She really couldn't look bad in anything! :) {This was the only picture I took of the day. And we got the school pictures back. They were terrible. She was screaming! :) }
Two picture day! I couldn't decide between the following two pictures of the day. We went bowling with G, Taran and Trevin. Hadlea LOVED pushing the ball down the lane! She would cheer for herself every time... hopefully she outgrows this at some point in her life or she is going to come off very high on herself! Ha!
After bowling, we came home and H got ready for bed. She was relaxing with daddy and playing... She thinks he is SO funny these days! This picture just melted my heart...

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Erin said...

love the bath tub picture!

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