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Saturday, March 19, 2011

project 365 - week 10

You can find week 9 here!

Bouncing around! We spend the morning with K and C at the Bounce Barn! Hadlea had a great time!
Snuggling with TWO babies! Hadlea was all about carrying around TWO babies... and making sure it was quiet 'Shhhh' and then it was time to go 'ni-ni'!
15 Months pictures! I took Hadlea's 15 Month pictures so I could write her 15 month post! She was in a great mood! This picture had to be my fav as it completely shows her personality!
Kissin' cousins! Due to our dryer going out, we had to go to A & A's to do laundry. Before leaving, Hadlea had to give her cousin, Avery, a kiss bye! They were the best of friends!
Bunny slippers! Hadlea got her bunny slippers from Aunt Amanda's mom, Janelle. She LOVES them and wears them almost daily! It is a struggle to get them off! 
Leaving! This was the first time I left Hadlea for a long weekend! It was so hard to say good-bye! But I know she had a great weekend with Grammie and never knew I was gone! Her smile and laugh are infectious!

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