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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the park on st patty's day...

After work on St Patrick's Day, Justin, Hadlea and I went to the park! Justin dropped us off and headed to McDonald's to get us happy meals so we could have a picnic. We had so much fun! Hadlea is the BIGGEST dare devil!
Daddy and his baby girl!
Happy girl!
I got mostly these pictures... the side view as she is running by!
We took a few videos of the little devil! She went down these slides no less than 100 times!

...even head first!

This slide is 9+ feet high, and she never even hesitated going down!

Before bed that night, Justin and I discussed if she would make it to the age of 5 before she broke something! I sure hope she makes it past that, but the way she goes at full, I think it is a slim chance!

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