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Monday, March 28, 2011

last week..

Last week was CRAZY busy... and we didn't even go been anywhere! Work is out of control again, and I feel like that is all I get done. Plus, I still haven't been feeling well so I have been making trips to Aunt Amanda's and getting adjusted! As great as I feel after getting adjusted, I never can figure out why I don't stay on top of it! I think I am finally on the mend...

Just a few pictures I took during the week... Aunt Shan got Hadlea this shirt for her 1st birthday! It was still a little big, but I was ready for her to wear it! Plus, she started wearing some shoes that used to be Brynlee's, Shannan's daughter, so I thought it made it perfect! :)
I don't think I have blogged much about it, but Hadlea WILL NOT drink milk anymore! We have tried everything we can think of... even as far as putting strawberry or chocolate in it. But nope, nothing! It made me sick for a while, but after talking with different doctors, they didn't seem concerned as long as she is getting the recommend amount of calcium. They gave me a print out of different things that have high amounts of calcium so I just make sure she is getting that! One thing she does LOVE is yogurt! This girl LOVES her yogurt... and she LOVES pretzels. I bought some pretzels for the baby shower last week, and she has been finishing off the rest of the package. So why not mix the two together! She uses the pretzel as a spoon and then will eat the pretzel! She is so funny...
We have been playing outside everyday after work and daycare! Hadlea loves to push her baby and stroller through the grass... no idea why since she struggles, but if you put it back in the drive way, she goes right back into the grass...
And along with playing outside every night means bath time every night since she gets SO dirty! This girl isn't afraid to get down and dirty! Her hair is getting so long and thick! I am just hoping it stays dark as sometimes it looks lighter!
Another favorite food... bananas! This was her banana face. She would giggle every time I would say, "banana face"!
Hadlea LOVES having her car outside. She loads it up with her drink, snack and baby and pushes it everywhere! I just love her sweet smile in this pic... but don't let it fool you! She is still sassy as ever! :)
We had a great weekend! Hopefully I will get that post up soon!
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