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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Pattys and Happy Birthday!

First off, I am SUPER behind... on EVERYTHING!, laundry, cleaning, etc, etc and etc! I haven't been feeling too great since getting back from the bachlorette party! I guess I got a cold or sinus stuff.. ran a little fever off and on. Hadlea has had a runny nose, but she has been in a great mood the last few days. She has also went WITHOUT a pacifier ALL DAY at daycare! And this is MAJOR... this girl cannot walk across the room without a paci! She does have it at bedtime, but I have no plans of trying to remove that at anytime! I honestly had no plans to remove it at daycare either. I just asked them to start giving it to her at naptime only, and they said she never asked for it... so there ya go! Hopefully it lasts! Maybe it is the luck of the ol' Irish! Ha!

The bachlorette party was a MAJOR success! We had such a great weekend! Almost a week later, and I still randomly think about things that happened and crack up laughing! Definitely one of my most memorable trips to date! I wish I could share some of the stories, but I think they are 'you had to be there' moments! OMGoodness... so many great memories! 2 more months, and we will be off to the beach for the big wedding! So ready!

Happy St Patrick's Day! This is definitely a before kids holiday! Ha! We always went somewhere to drink green beer or hang with friends, but this year, we will spend the day with our sweet little monkey... as we did last year, which you can see here! I LOVE looking back at previous posts! I cannot believe how much Hadlea has grown in a year! And what do you know, we will probably be watching American Idol again tonight! :) I am just hoping daddy will atleast take us out for dinner!

Before leaving for daycare! She is still sleepy.. :)
Laughing at Berkley!

A very special Happy Birthday to our sweet Anna Grace! We took a picture of Hadlea holding a note to Anna this morning and sent it to her! We hope you had a wonderful day Anna, and we hope to see you very soon! We love you!
 {Anna and Hadlea at Christmas!}

And a Happy Birthday to my cousin Malisa, Anna's Aunt! I think about you every single day and know one day we will meet again! There is no doubt you are our guardian angel and watch and protect us all! No doubt you are having the biggest and best party ever today in heaven! I love you!

And Grampie, I am so sorry for the lack of pictures of your granddaughter! I promise to do better so I don't get anymore voice mails letting me know that I am slacking on the blog! :) Hope these will work for now! I love you daddy! :)


Annie said...

St. Pattys Day was a MUCH bigger deal back in the college days....I would have been drinking green beer by now!! Life sure changes when you have babies...for the better of course!! :)

Jessica said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We will definitely be staying in as well!

Mrs. Southern said...

Hadlea looks super cute in her green dress and pink little leggings! And way to go with no paci for the day!

Candice said...

It's so funny. Pre-kids, St Patty's day was green beer and partying, now it is dressing your kid up in a cute outfit and taking pictures to show off on the blog or facebook. A good trade I'd say! :)

Your cousin is beautiful. RIP

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