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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy 15 Months, Hadlea!

My sweet baby girl is 15 months old today! ...and this picture couldn't represent her better.... about to jump off of a chair, laughing out loud, crazy hair and messed up bow! OMGoodness... she is so stinkin' perfect!

Hadlea's personality has really jumped off the charts in the last month! She is just so funny and entertaining! She has an expression for everything she does... which she does alot of them to get our attention! She loves to tell us to 'sit' and tell Berkley 'no'! I think we need to re-evaluate who the parents are in our house! Ha!

... 5 months vs 10 months ...

... Hadlea at 15 Months ...
To say Hadlea is a motor mouth is a COMPLETE understatement! This girl is NEVER quiet. She normally gets in our face and rattles off a punch of stuff, with the hopes that we 'might' catch one word and know what she wants!
Hadlea's words at 14 months:
bubba, dadda, no-no, hi, momma, bobble(bottle), pac(pacifier), bye-bye, uh-oh, doe-ggy(for doggy), kitty, cow, buck(for a deer), baby, bath, hello, hey, shoes, f-shh(fish), horsey, twee(for three), go, again, more, peace(please), thank you, pa-ple(purple), die-paa(diaper), yes, banana, Nana, ball, B(for Berkley), cheese, hot, eyes, nose, feet, teeth, ear, socks, pee-boo(peek-a-boo), ni-ni(night-night), tiss(kiss), dance, bess you(bless you), cuse(excuse me), book, bow, goss(gross), ouch, uck(yuck), bubbles, wa-is(what's this), brush, out, boon(balloon), car, sit, buse cuse(Blue's Clues), color, cracker, chair, cup, drink, juice and bite. {67}

Hadlea's animal sounds at 15 months:
cow, horsey, duck, sheep, kitty cat, doggy, lion, bear, elephant, penguin and monkey {11}

Hadlea's Sign Language at 15 months:
more, please and thank you {3}

Hadlea's Body Parts at 15 months:
hair, eyes, feet, hands, ears, nose, belly, mouth, tongue, knees and cheeks {11}

Hadlea's Fun Facts at 15 months:
  • She is a great eater! She goes back and forth on whether she likes vegetables, but she LOVES fruit and eats it at every meal!
  • She is sleeping 10-12 hours at night!
  • Her schedule: wakes at 830AM and eats an Eggo (yes, EVERY morning!), mommy takes her to daycare at 900AM, breakfast at daycare at 900AM (yes, she eats again!), lunch at 1100AM, naptime between 1100AM and 100PM, snack at daycare at 200PM, daddy picks her up at 5PM, home for a snack, dinner at 600PM, playtime, bath and then bedtime at 730PM.
  • She is OFF the bottle! Praise the Lord! :)
  • She will not drink milk from a sippy cup! We are trying...
  • She now has 12 teeth (and two more coming in).
  • She is in size 4 diapers.
  • She wears a size 4 show.
  • She still takes a pacifier.
  • She is wearing some 12 month, but moving to 18 month clothes.
  • She cannot stand to have her diaper or clothes changed! It is a daily struggle!
  • She still has major separation issues from momma and daddy.
  • She gets to spend Tuesday and Thursday evenings with her daddy while momma goes to the gym.
  • She is climbing on everything. (fireplace, chairs, into and out of boxes/baskets)
  • She is a dancing/singing machine. Music starts, and she starts bouncing and 'singing'!
  • She will 'change hands' if she has something in one hand, and I need her to put it in the other. Like every morning when I am dressing her and she is holding her Eggo, (see, I told you she had an Eggo EVERY morning.. she cries for them. Strange!) and I need her Eggo hand free to put her shirt on... she will 'change hands'. No idea why I think that is so great! :)
  • She is still in daycare at church. She LOVES it!
Hadlea Easton,
Your personality is amazing and so infectious! Your sweet smile and laugh can light up a room in an instant! However, your attitude (which we are working on), can turn that light off in a hurry! Ha! Sweet girl, I am so afraid you are going to be like your momma. You know exactly what you want and how to get it! I don't think that is a bad quality, but it means you are extremely strong willed and have no issues voicing your opinion! I cannot honestly look back at my life before you and know what I did without you.. mentally or physically! Physically... you are SO BUSY! What did I do with my extra time before you?! You are constantly going. You barely take a nap, but I know that is why you sleep so well at night. I have no idea how you can have so much energy! Mentally... you are my entire world! I cannot imagine my life without you in it! You have definitely completed your daddy and I's life. When we talk about future kids, we always wonder how we can possibly love another the way we love you! You are the most special gift ever and will continue to thank God for choosing us to be your parents! I love you sweet girl.

Love Always, Momma


Grammie said...

what did we all do without her? she completes so many lives, especially mine. I love her so much and miss her daily. She is just so precious. and i know that she loves her grammie too.

Erin said...

Seriously our girls would get a long perfect or drive enough crazy.. Love her wild and crazy personality. She is just way to cute!

Emily said...

Happy 15 months Hadlea!

I can't believe how many words she is saying - how fun!!

momof3girls said...

I love the pics with the poster that tells her age - very cute! I also almost get baby fever again seeing the cute photo of her laughing. You are blessed!

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