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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

cousins & bath time

Monday evening, we had Hadlea's Uncle Brandon, Aunt Les, and cousins, Riley and Hannah over for dinner! We ordered pizza and let the kids play. Hadlea was NOT in a good mood at first, but after she came around a bit, she had fun playing with the kiddos...
Here is my attempt at getting a picture of them! :) Riley didn't want in the picture so he hid around the corner!
Last night, daddy went to work on Fred's boat so Hadlea and I had a girls night! She spent a long time in the bath tub playing with bubbles... or momma spent a long time playing with bubbles! Ha!
We had so much fun! She was full of personality! She is starting to repeat alot of what we say, so I was getting a kick out of saying, "say xxxxx". Once she would repeat it, we would both laugh! She will also look at you and say, "HEY!", and laugh hysterically! I wondered where she got it, but I have caught myself doing it to her, so I guess that is where she gets it! It is REALLY funny!
I have also need trying to get her to wear headbands. I have put a few on her in the evenings, and she is getting better about leaving them on longer than 2 seconds... it might only be a couple minutes at a time, but we are definitely making progress! She has until the wedding in May to learn that they MUST stay on!
Right before bed... my favorite part of my day! Not because she is going to bed, but because she will snuggle with me in her room for a short time. She points out all of her body parts, and we go over animal sounds! She is just so perfect... which is exactly what I tell her before she goes to bed every night... right after the 1000 kisses and i love yous she gets too! :)
a short video of her brushing her teeth and checking out the baby in the mirror! Ha!
happy wednesday!

1 comment:

Ashlie said...

Gosh! Don't you just wish we could super glue those headbands on?!? Presley can pull them off faster than I can get them on. Hadlea is such a little beauty.

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