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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

home w/ friends & a shower

This past weekend we went back to my parents. We got in late Friday night, but Saturday morning came VERY early! Hadlea only slept about 4 hours... maybe! She slept (if that is what you even call it) in a pack-n-play, which I guess she didn't like. She is also cutting 3 new teeth, so that could have been part of it too! Whatever the cause, it was a LONG night! We slept in, but as soon as we got around, it was over to see this sweet boy... Logan Michael!
He is so precious! Hadlea was, of course, super sleepy so she wasn't in that great of a mood to play with Ady. I didn't get a picture of them playing babies. Ady is a great big sister and even told Hadlea she could touch the baby! Logan really has no idea how much love he is going to get from his big sis! Ha!
When Hadlea got up from a nap, which wasn't much more than an hour, she played in my old moses basket! She loved to sit in it and then put her babies 'ni-ni' in it.
Saturday evening, Hadlea went with Grammie, Grampie, Gigi and Grandad to the County Livestock show. She got to see tons of animals... which she LOVED!
Justin and I went to Enid to meet up with my high school girlfriends and their hubbys! It was so great to catch up with them. I forget how much fun we have and just how funny they are! They make me laugh like crazy!
Alea, Lacy, me and Cat
Amanda, Alea, Lacy, me and Cat
Amanda and Cat are both pregnant and due a week apart in June!
3 of the 5 hubs
Dan (Alea's), Justin and Doug (Cat's)
Saturday night was another sleepless nigh for H! It was terrible! She was up about 3 hours during the night. From 3-4am, Hadlea and I watched Berkley play outside! She was in a great mood... just not wanting to sleep! Boo!
Sunday morning, Hadlea played outside with Grampie! She loved to peek at the dog next door!
She got a wagon ride from Grampie!
After lunch, we got ready for Alan and Amanda's wedding shower! {side note: I cannot believe I am posting this picture of H, but her outfit is way too cute not to share! :) }
the food table... the food was SO good!
Blurry picture, but two sweet babies... Hadlea and I with my cousin Katie and her sweet baby, Averie!
A&A with the hostesses!
After the shower, we went to the Courthouse where my mom works. She is the Court Clerk. She needed a new picture for their book. I know she is going to kill me for posting this, but oh well... I know she loves me! Plus, people say I look just like her... so she must be pretty cute! Ha! JK!
And since Hadlea thinks she rules the roost at home, why not rule the court room too!?
"order in the court"
"Jury, what's the verdict?"
It was a fun weekend, and one I wish we could do more often! I loved catching up with the girls and making new memories! I also loved getting in some baby time and seeing Jennifer, however, Hadlea wasn't so keen on the idea of me holding Logan! She should have no worries of having to share me anytime soon! :) Justin and I were worn out from H not sleeping... so of course, like any good husband, he drove home while Hadlea and I took a nap! I did love to watch her sleep! She has the most beautiful features... those lips...
We have a busy week so hopefully we get everything squeezed in!

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