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Thursday, March 31, 2011

1st night at gram & gramps...

Hadlea went and stayed last Saturday at Grammie and Grampies in Medford. This was the first time she had stayed alone at their house overnight without me! I never once worried that she wouldn't be okay... I knew she would be MORE than okay... I just worried about her not sleeping! She doesn't sleep well when she isn't at home in her crib. But, Grammie said she did great! Or she just said that so I would let her go again in the future! :)

G&G took Hadlea to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Kilian (dad's parents). They went to the nursing home to see my Grandpa first. I guess Hadlea fell in love with one of my Grandpa's bears so he let her keep it! Next they went to visit my Grandma at her home. I guess she fell in love with one of my Grandma's bears and later my Uncle Mike (dad's brother) brought it to her! So we now have a bear from Grandpa and Grandma Kilian! This is pretty special to me! Now if only I can get them and put them up in her room so nothing happens to them... I already have a bear that Grandad and Gigi (mom's parents) gave to her, so it will be special to have one from each of them!
Grammie got Hadlea a carseat for her car. In the past, we always drove my car or switched cars so Hadlea could stay in her own seat and have her DVD Player. I think we put the DVD Player in the car for Hadlea around 6 months and it has been God sent! I have no idea how people travel without them! Grammie got her a DVD player for her car too, so Hadlea is set... but I am pretty sure she loves the carseat box more than any of it!
Just a few short videos from G&Gs.
This wooden semi truck with animals was my brother's when we were all little. A couple of years ago, my dad had one made for each of us kids. I have never got mine out for Hadlea to play with, but I guess I will soon. Looks like she LOVES pushing it!
our little giggle box!
This week I think my dad entered his mid-life crisis. Instead of a small red sports car, he bought this...

Um... dad. It doesn't have doors. Hopefully you have no plans of your granddaughter driving it anytime soon! But, I am pretty sure us kids will all be fighting over who gets to drive through the first mud puddle next time we are all home! :)

Thanks again G&G for keeping H! I know I will never have to twist your arm or ask twice. We are so thankful to have you and know you will always drop anything you are doing to keep her! Love you both!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

happy birthday, katelyn!

Last Saturday, daddy was off to fish (and film some commercials/you tube videos... I will save that for another post), while Hadlea and I headed to Enid to my Goddaughter's birthday party. I cannot believe Kate is turning 3! It seems like yesterday she was born and being baptized! Before we left town, we had to go deposit daddy's check... and Hadlea had to carry it! I had to send the picture to daddy because this will definitely not be the last time she takes his money! Ha!
My sweet Goddaughter! She wanted a scooby doo party! :)
Kate got this baby carriage for her birthday, and it was a GREAT thing that she didn't mind Hadlea using it! Because there would have been a major fight to separate Hadlea from it!
Grammie even showed up to see us!
Katelyn's cousin came to the party! Hadlea loved looking at him and patting him! But I am almost positive if I had held him she would have FREAKED!
My attempt at getting a pic with both girls! NICE!
After the party, I came back home, as we had a party to go to that evening. Hadlea had her first overnight trip to Grammie and Grampie's house! I was a little hesitant about letting her go, but I know she was more than ready... after all, sometimes I think she loves Grammie more than she loves me anyway! But don't get used to it G&G... it might be next year before you get her again! :) More pics on that later too...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

project 365 - week 12

You can find week 11 here!

On the ranch! While I hosted a baby shower for Taran and baby girl Goff, Hadlea went to Rusty and Nana's. She LOVED playing with Jolene and the horse.
Playing in the grass! We had such nice weather we spent every evening outside. Hadlea loved to play in the grass with her baby and stroller!
Ready for daycare! Hadlea wore her shirt from Aunt Shan! She looked SO big!
Pushin' her baby! More time spent outside and playing with babies!
Banana face! Hadlea loves bananas and thinks 'banana face' is super funny!
Our last day outside before it turned off cold! Nothing like good Oklahoma weather!
March 25: No picture! :-(

Monday, March 28, 2011

last week..

Last week was CRAZY busy... and we didn't even go been anywhere! Work is out of control again, and I feel like that is all I get done. Plus, I still haven't been feeling well so I have been making trips to Aunt Amanda's and getting adjusted! As great as I feel after getting adjusted, I never can figure out why I don't stay on top of it! I think I am finally on the mend...

Just a few pictures I took during the week... Aunt Shan got Hadlea this shirt for her 1st birthday! It was still a little big, but I was ready for her to wear it! Plus, she started wearing some shoes that used to be Brynlee's, Shannan's daughter, so I thought it made it perfect! :)
I don't think I have blogged much about it, but Hadlea WILL NOT drink milk anymore! We have tried everything we can think of... even as far as putting strawberry or chocolate in it. But nope, nothing! It made me sick for a while, but after talking with different doctors, they didn't seem concerned as long as she is getting the recommend amount of calcium. They gave me a print out of different things that have high amounts of calcium so I just make sure she is getting that! One thing she does LOVE is yogurt! This girl LOVES her yogurt... and she LOVES pretzels. I bought some pretzels for the baby shower last week, and she has been finishing off the rest of the package. So why not mix the two together! She uses the pretzel as a spoon and then will eat the pretzel! She is so funny...
We have been playing outside everyday after work and daycare! Hadlea loves to push her baby and stroller through the grass... no idea why since she struggles, but if you put it back in the drive way, she goes right back into the grass...
And along with playing outside every night means bath time every night since she gets SO dirty! This girl isn't afraid to get down and dirty! Her hair is getting so long and thick! I am just hoping it stays dark as sometimes it looks lighter!
Another favorite food... bananas! This was her banana face. She would giggle every time I would say, "banana face"!
Hadlea LOVES having her car outside. She loads it up with her drink, snack and baby and pushes it everywhere! I just love her sweet smile in this pic... but don't let it fool you! She is still sassy as ever! :)
We had a great weekend! Hopefully I will get that post up soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

project 365 - week 11

You can find week 10 here!

AMM's last night out! We celebrated Aunt Amanda's bachlorette party in Kansas City! Super fun with a great group of girls!
March 13: No picture! :-( Arrived home from KC and spent the evening with daddy and baby girl! No time for pictures, I guess! :)

Hungry baby! Hadlea was feeding her baby and decided it needed to sit in her high chair. She was play feeding her baby food and then a bottle, which she has in her hand!
March 15: No picture! :-(
March 16: No picture! :-(

Happy St Patrick's Day! Daddy, Hadlea and I went to the park and had a picnic with McDonald's! Hadlea LOVED the park!
Pullin' her baby! Hadlea's Parents As Teachers Teacher gave her a shoe box with a string tied to it! She LOVES to put everything in the box and pull in around! This kept her busy for a good 2 hours!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wordless wednesday...

{more of hadlea on the ranch from nana}

my favorite. 
her bending over looking at the baby calf!
no doubt she is 'squealing' or saying 'hi baby'!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the park on st patty's day...

After work on St Patrick's Day, Justin, Hadlea and I went to the park! Justin dropped us off and headed to McDonald's to get us happy meals so we could have a picnic. We had so much fun! Hadlea is the BIGGEST dare devil!
Daddy and his baby girl!
Happy girl!
I got mostly these pictures... the side view as she is running by!
We took a few videos of the little devil! She went down these slides no less than 100 times!

...even head first!

This slide is 9+ feet high, and she never even hesitated going down!

Before bed that night, Justin and I discussed if she would make it to the age of 5 before she broke something! I sure hope she makes it past that, but the way she goes at full, I think it is a slim chance!
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