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Monday, February 07, 2011

Superbowl, thank you & prayers

We had a super fun weekend even with the snow canceling our trip to Medford! I heard Jennifer's shower turned out great, but I was still bummed all weekend to have missed it! Saturday, we needed to run a few errands since daddy was home with his pickup. We didn't go more than 15 miles from our house, and it felt like we were gone ALL day! I wish I would have taken pictures of some of our roads... they are TERRIBLE! I finally got my car our of the garage today, Monday, which is a week after the snow storm! Crazy! And even MORE crazy, we have another snow storm moving in tomorrow night... another 6-10 inches! We are setting all kinds of records in our area... I have never in my life seen so much snow in Oklahoma!
But on Saturday, we waited for it to warm a bit.. well, get above freezing before we headed out. Daddy and I got ready, I got H ready, daddy packed the diaper bag and then H got herself and baby ready... She just cracks me up! This baby, blanket and purse are NEVER far from her side!
Obviously driving 5 mph everywhere we went will wear you out!
Saturday evening, we stayed in and played with H. It was so nice to relax.... even though we had been doing that for the past week since we hadn't gone anywhere, but I felt refreshed after getting out for a couple of hours! Hadlea is definitely becoming more independent. She is playing more and more on her own. The times I do try to play with her... are kind of 'enter at your own risk'! If she is busy doing something, you better watch out if you distract her or mess something up! She will definitely jabber something to you... her daddy and I are SURE they are some cuss words! And I would be lying if I said we DIDN'T coax it! Ha!
After H went to bed that night, I got some snuggle time with my sweet baby boy! We were watching TV on H's little couch and this is how daddy found us! :)
Sunday morning, we got up and ready for church! H wore her outfit from Auntie B and Uncle Bimpsie that she got for Christmas! She has worn it one other time, but I forgot to take her picture! It is so adorable!
Daddy and his baby girl!
Sweet girl and I
She is ready to head out the door... FAST!
notice the blur. ha!
i cannot stop laughing at this picture!
After church, we went to lunch and then to the grocery store. I still cannot believe the stores are sold out of EVERYTHING! There was still no bread, although the bakery had made some so we atleast got some.. it is so crazy! And the news is saying it is even going to be worse since everyone is stocking back up for our second round! Although, I don't know how you really 'stock up' when there is nothing to stock up with! :)
Sunday evening was the big SUPERBOWL.. I don't know why, but this Superbowl made me really depressed... depressed in a football sort of way. I mean, it was the last game of the season for one, and two, it was in Cowboys Stadium and the Cowboys weren't playing! See... SUPER sad! On a good note, I did get to hear Troy Aikman talk all evening! And he IS getting a divorce... {I know that sound terrible. It isn't good, but if I were single it would be! Ha!} which I already had to warn my cousin Michele that he is ALL mine.. so back off! :) I did promise her box seats at the stadium though! :) jk.
To get myself out of the end of season football funk... I dressed Hadlea in one of my most prized possessions! ...a Medford Cardinals shirt!
I went to high school at Medford. At one of my baby showers, someone gave me this shirt, and I have been holding on to it for the perfect day! I am so proud to be from a small town where everyone knows everybody! They all might 'know' your business too.. haha! But everyone is so genuine. I know it was all of their prayers that got us through the times when Hadlea was in the Special Care nursery and Jake was in ICU. The people that I grew up around really do not know what they mean to me. I will always be grateful for getting the chance to be a Medford 'Fighting' Cardinal! :)
Daddy and I cooked a big dinner, we all ate and then settled down for the big game, Steelers vs. the Packers. I was cheering for Big Ben and the Steelers. I know alot of people were against the Steelers because of Big Ben and his off the field antics, but I do not care! He is an amazing player... and he might be super cute too! :) But they didn't win. Oh well... I am back to praying for a great Cowboys offseason! Ha!
Some little girl was CRAZY busy during the game. from one thing to another...
I might have got 'ONE' snuggle!
Daddy spent some time playing with H. He is a way better multi-tasker during big games than I am... or maybe it is because he doesn't care about football and I do! probably the latter!
eating grapes!
After the game, it was time for bed... with our necessities!
minus the purse!
My sweet boy got a treat after H went to bed because she was not very nice to him. Twice she pulled his ears enough that he yelped... :-( It was sad. She got into trouble!
We had a great night, but I think the one memory I will have about this Superbowl is this...
Hadlea signing the word Please. I have been working on it for a while, and she did it without me reminding her! It was so proud!
And just a fun extra video of the sweetest smile ever, and her favorite game. Peek-a-boo! I just cannot get over how sweet her smile is...
I really need to do a post of all of Hadlea's new words. She is such a motor mouth! She is stuck on the color purple right now, but for some reason, she does it in her deep lion's voice. It is strange... very strange, but oh so funny! And diaper... she loves to say diaper. But it is more like 'die-paaaa'. She is in to throwing her diapers away too.. which is fine by me! :)

Please say a prayer for my friend's nephew. He is around 5. This morning, he woke up vomiting and had blood in his urine. He was very lethargic so they took him to the ER. They did some scans and found some spots on his brain. They also found some issues with his kidneys. He has since been transported to the children's hospital and is in ICU. They have intubated him. They will get his kidney issues worked out before worrying about the spots on his brain. Please say a pray for Aiden, his family, the medical staff. I cannot imagine going through this with my child or nephew. Thanks so much for the prayers!


Bonnie said...

She is getting so big & that's so cool she can sign like that! Jarrett is almost 14 months & STILL not walking. He is a super fast crawler though. He has started mumbling words & sounds & it is so funny hearing him try to say things.
I will definitely keep your friends son in my prayers. I can't imagine going through something like that :(

Erin said...

love all the pictures and of course all her outfits.. she is getting so big.

will be thinking about aiden and his family.

Jenn said...

Praying or your nephew!

I think the girls would have so much fun with H. They love baby dolls and my youngest is all about them! We need to do a play date when it gets warmer.

She's always wearing adorable clothes and i love her hat and coat! Super cute!

The videos of her signing and playing peek a boo are too cute!!

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