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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday and Valentine's Day

Thanks for the comments and emails regarding pregnancy brain! See... another reason to love blogging. I no longer feel completely alone! You girls rock! Now... onto Sunday and celebrating V-day!

Sunday, we got up and ready for church! Hadlea wore her new outfit from Nana and Rusty. We had to check out the sunglasses too!
Daddy and H ready for church!
with my baby girl!
After church, we grabbed lunch, bought groceries and headed home. When Hadlea went down for a nap, I made her Valentine's for her daycare party! I got the tags here. I punched holes in the top, added some ribbon and taped some suckers and skittles to the back. I thought they turned out perfect! And best off, I had everything so they were free!
We picked up Hadlea a few things when we were out buying groceries for Valentine's Day. She is in to 'mel-mo' so of course, a singing Elmo it was, a wiggles dvd, bubble bath and crayons.
She LOVED to color!

Sunday evening, we had some friends over for dinner and played with Hadlea.

Monday was Valentine's Day! The older I get the more I LOVE Valentine's Day. I never care if I get a thing, but I do love to give. Although this year, I wasn't so great at it. I made cards to send out and never sent them. I bought cards and candy and never sent them. But it is the thought that counts, right!? Even if the people didn't know they 'were' going to receive something! Ha!

And can you believe the difference a year makes?!
. holy moly .
Hadlea was dressed and ready for her school party!
{I had her dress made by Jennifer at Cute As A Button Designs. You can find her here. If you need an Etsy seller, check her out! If you need anything custom, she is definitely your girl! She never disappoints!}
What she came home from school with!
A framed picture, a puppy from Madelynn, cards and more candy!
I think she had a rough picture day! :)
Her daycare party was at 2PM. I went to the party since the parents were invited. When I walked in, she was playing with another little girl and dancing. She was in a great mood! Once she seen me, she started crying and was ready to leave. I stayed and played babies with her and a couple of little girls. Once it was snack time, she would not sit down because I think she thought I would leave her. Since they hadn't had their snack, made their art or passed our valentine's, and since she was being super disruptive, I decided to leave. She definitely wasn't happy about that, but I wanted her to be a part of the party and enjoy her friends. Oh that girl... she definitely loves her momma!
Before daddy picked her up that afternoon, he stopped and bought her this...
To say she LOVED the basketball goal is a complete understatement! We played for 2 straight hours, ate supper and played another hour! Her favorite thing to do was stand under the goal, daddy or I would shoot it, it would hit her head and she would laugh hysterically! She is so silly!
I am still wondering who loved it more though... me, daddy or Hadlea!? Daddy and I may or may not have played once she went to bed! :)
trying to figure out how to dunk on her own!
happy girl!
I didn't get Justin anything for Valentine's Day as he is leaving for a trip, which I will blog about later. He will be gone for 6 days.. the longest we have ever been apart since we started dating almost 10 years ago! I will miss him so much! But I am sure he will miss H more! :)
My husband hates to buy flowers. He occasionally does. But he would rather not. And not because he thinks they are a waste of money. He just hates to buy them. I honestly don't care for getting flowers because I would rather have the money to shop with. So... for any holiday, I can bet that Justin will come up with a gift that gets him out of buying flowers... {still not sure why he 'thinks' he has to since I do not care to get them.} But his year, he said he came up with a great idea. His phone contract is up, and he can get a new phone. I just renewed mine last year so I have another year left. He told me he was going to get me the new iPhone and give me his upgrade. This guy knows the way to my heart... technology. Although, I would have settled for an iPad! Ha!

I do not think we could have had a better Valentine's Day! We stayed at home instead of fighting crowds and spent time together! I know I say it all of the time, but Hadlea is in the funnest stage and is SO funny! ...even with an attitude! :) I am so thankful for everything I have been blessed with. Valentine's Day is a great reminder to love with everything you have... and I definitely do that!


Erin said...

ok i didnt read your last post until right now and I thought you where pregnant again.. I got really excited :)

Love her outfits.. going to check that lady out!

Ashlie said...

I thought you were preggo again too!!! Lol! Those heart pants and valentines outfit are too cute! Glad your heart day was wonderful.

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