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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

still snowed in...

The snow is still here and no signs of it going anywhere! It is supposed to be 0... ZERO degrees in the morning! I mean... last time I checked Oklahoma was in the south! Geeeesh... I HATE cold weather! Since I work out of my house, I don't really get to 'take' a snow day, but daddy does, so he got to stay at home again with us! ...another daddy/daughter day! After nap time, we all bundled up and headed out for about.... 10 minutes! Hadlea LOVED it! I really need to get her some boots that actually fit... so she can actually walk in the snow, but she loved it anyway!
my baby girl and me.
my loves.
my 3rd love.
he thinks snow is the greatest!
other than the 10 mins we were outside and the 30 minutes daddy was gone taking a few neighbors to the store since he has 4-wheel drive, we have been stuck inside playing... well, me working and these two playing, but I had fun playing with them when I had time for a break!
hadlea's new thing.
writing on paper... i give her colored pencils.
and another new thing... somersaults!
goodness i hope she is athletic and loves sports.
well... i just hope she loves sports.
whether she is athletic or not! :)
daddy already found out he is off tomorrow too. yeah!
another day at home with my 3 favorite people!


Erin said...

crazy crazy she does need boots and mittens!! :) Love the picture of you and her!

Emily said...

She seriously is just adorable!

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