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Monday, February 28, 2011

project 365 - week 8

You can find week 7 here!
I {heart} my brothers! My little brother, Jake, me and older brother, Alan. We were at Alan and Amanda's couples wedding shower! I could definitely not be more blessed with these two. We are SO opposite from each other, but I think that makes us all connect and stay grounded. We definitely know how to set each other straight!
Shopping at Utica Square! This picture and memory makes me pray even harder for H to LOVE shopping! Ha! ...even if it is just hitting the outdoor shopping area to walk and spend time together! She loved walking around outside. Hopefully she will love the 'shopping' part just as much when she is older!
Watchin' cartoons! I loved how Hadlea was laying, watching cartoons, drinking her water and laughing! I wish I could have got her face, but I was afraid I would disturb her!
Daddy's home! Justin made it in after 6 days in New Orleans, and Hadlea couldn't get enough of him! Everything he did was SUPER funny! ... especially crawling through her tunnel!
Sunny day in February! Anytime we get the chance to head outside we do! I so look forward to the warmer weather and going on walks with Hadlea and Berkley! The good Lord knows we will be spending alot of time swinging or 'weee-ing'...
Breakfast of champs! Hadlea's favorite breakfast is Cinnamon Eggo's and water! She will go to the toaster in the morning, point to it and say 'mo' (for more).
Favorite pastime?! Hadlea's favorite thing to do is sit in her baby stroller. I swear it is going to rip out some day, but it hasn't yet... until then, I think I will continue to get pictures like this... with her baby, drink and paci all in the stroller!

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Erin said...

I sure do love that pink dress and I love the picture of daddy in the tunnel!

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