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Sunday, February 20, 2011

playin' in the snow...

So... maybe not necessarily playin' in the snow, but we did take pictures in the snow! NiCole from Sullivan Photo, who took Hadlea's 1 year pictures, took some pictures of one of her friends in the snow. She had posted them on her Facebook, and I commented saying I wouldn't mind having one of H in the snow... and just a couple day later, she took these! NiCole is amazing to work with and never seems to think I am crazy with my ideas! :-) ...and is willing to do things last minute for me!

my favorite!
 silly girl!
 LOVE her face!
 stickin' out the tongue!
 sweet girl!
 pointing to a big black cat!
which she thought was FUNNY!


Erin said...

Love the photos.. Where on earth did you get that big headband at ha ha it is huge :)

Love love love the first one!

Emily said...

Love the pics!! The first one is my fav too and I love the idea of pictures in the snow : )

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

those are adorable! I love them

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