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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

party time and the weekend...

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! It seems that some little girl in our house has developed a very BIG attitude... and only wants things her way. and she would like them yesterday and without a please or thank you. Can you believe I am griping about the attitude of my 14 month old!? Ouch. Kind of makes me feel like a really crappy parent. Oh well... she will think I am a crappy parent soon enough! Ha! I will have to say that I REALLY would feel like a crappy momma if it weren't for the blog world. Reading blogs about real life helps me know I am not alone in complaining about the attitude of my 1 year old or that fact I DO NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING! My husband tells me I need to get my brain checked...  I say people should warn you that pregnancy brain NEVER goes away!
Honesty... I love the honesty in a blog. Although I am not always honest.. well, I am always honest, I just don't always share my feelings. My blog is more of a documentary of our life. But those of you that do blog honestly, thank you! It makes me know that I am either 1. not crazy or 2. we are crazy together! I wrote a blog on being honest one time. Maybe I should post it. I write alot of blogs that never get posted. Writing has been great for me. for my thoughts and processing them. Posting them might not always be good for relationships of family or friends. But I might just post the one about being honest! :)

Anyway... pack to party time. Because who doesn't love a party of any kind! I know this little girl does! She waits at the door for them! Ha!
Last Friday after work, we headed out to our friend's house, G and Taran. It was Trevin's 2nd Birthday! Taran is my SUPER creative friend. She makes all by banners and decorations! Trevin's party was Elmo, since he is obsessed with Elmo right now...
Taran gets her awesome skills from her momma... who made this life size Elmo cake! Yes, that is a cake... and we ate it!
They served bbq for everyone. Hadlea stole the bday boys highchair to eat her chicken! She was in a great mood and talked to everyone!
Trevin and Elmo!
Trevin did not like the candles being lit! After that, he wouldn't eat the cake! :) I ate his share! Ha!
I LOVED Hadlea's outfit! Target is the best!
After we ate dinner and cake, it was present time. Hadlea wanted to help so bad... or she just wanted the presents. It was super stressful since she kept ripping the birthday boys toys out of his hands! Again.. the attitude. But we managed to figure something out that worked to keep both kids happy. Good thing everyone was super laid back at their house! :)
Saturday morning, we went and took a few pictures of H in the snow. NiCole of Sullivan Photo, who took Hadlea's 1 year pictures, offered to take a couple of us. I haven't got them back yet, but I am DYING to see them!
Once we got home from pictures, Nana and Riley came over! We went out to eat lunch and then to the mall! Nana bought us all a gift for Valentine's Day! And H got time with her favorite person ever!
Riley wanted to try the hurricane booth!
After the mall, we went to Bass Pro to shoot guns. Uncle Justin beat Riley and I! Boo!
Hadlea had opened a couple gifts before leaving for lunch... an outfit, purse and sunglasses from Nana and Rusty and a book and bear from Aunt Donna! Thanks to you both!
When we got home, there was a box from Grammie and Grampie.. I am sure we were supposed to save it until Valentine's Day, but that would never happen. Momma is just as curious!
I cannot get the picture to turn, but clothes, pjs, candy and money.. she wanted the candy.. so I gladly took the money! Ha! Just kidding...
I hope all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loves! We stayed in and played since Hadlea got a new toy! I will share that post tomorrow...


Emily said...

I can't remember anything either. I honestly think pregnancy brain is a permanent disorder!

Emily said...

I seriously don't think prego brain ever goes away either!! HA! :)

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