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Monday, February 28, 2011

project 365 - week 8

You can find week 7 here!
I {heart} my brothers! My little brother, Jake, me and older brother, Alan. We were at Alan and Amanda's couples wedding shower! I could definitely not be more blessed with these two. We are SO opposite from each other, but I think that makes us all connect and stay grounded. We definitely know how to set each other straight!
Shopping at Utica Square! This picture and memory makes me pray even harder for H to LOVE shopping! Ha! ...even if it is just hitting the outdoor shopping area to walk and spend time together! She loved walking around outside. Hopefully she will love the 'shopping' part just as much when she is older!
Watchin' cartoons! I loved how Hadlea was laying, watching cartoons, drinking her water and laughing! I wish I could have got her face, but I was afraid I would disturb her!
Daddy's home! Justin made it in after 6 days in New Orleans, and Hadlea couldn't get enough of him! Everything he did was SUPER funny! ... especially crawling through her tunnel!
Sunny day in February! Anytime we get the chance to head outside we do! I so look forward to the warmer weather and going on walks with Hadlea and Berkley! The good Lord knows we will be spending alot of time swinging or 'weee-ing'...
Breakfast of champs! Hadlea's favorite breakfast is Cinnamon Eggo's and water! She will go to the toaster in the morning, point to it and say 'mo' (for more).
Favorite pastime?! Hadlea's favorite thing to do is sit in her baby stroller. I swear it is going to rip out some day, but it hasn't yet... until then, I think I will continue to get pictures like this... with her baby, drink and paci all in the stroller!

Friday, February 25, 2011

daddy's home...

After Grammie left on Monday, Hadlea and I had an evening to ourselves! She was in a great mood, and we had some much needed girl time! When we have evenings or weekends alone, it makes me think about the future and our time together! I am already planning super fun things for just Hadlea and I... I am a big kid at heart, so hitting the bounce house or a pottery painting class are right up my alley! I have no doubt we will be planning several future mother/daughter dates! And that is as long as daddy is home in the evenings to greet us! Ha! He is never to leave us for another 6 days again... EVER!
Justin arrived home Tuesday afternoon... which made one little girl HAPPY!
Tuesday evening, we cooked dinner and did alot of playing with daddy! Hadlea and I had got out the tent and she thought daddy was REALLY funny crawling through the tunnel!
This is her new thing... :)
There are no words for this!
Is this not the cutest?! ... little brees as we called her! {Drew Brees is the QB of the Saints incase someone is not a football fan!}. Daddy got it for her on his trip. He is smart enough to know that this is the only other team I would EVER let Hadlea wear besides Dallas! :)

Justin had a great trip! I am so glad he had the chance to go. He was able to attend all of the Bassmaster Elite Series dinners, suites, etc. since he was with Fred. Definitely a once in a lifetime thing! He did take alot of pictures... alot that cannot be shown! Those two boys are crazy together! He also took video of Bourbon Street... which cannot be shown either! Ha! There happened to be a YouTube comic that was filming skits on Bourbon Street so he got some of that on film. Crazy funny stuff! The one picture I can show... Fred and Justin with the guy that holds the world record for the biggest Bass. He is from Japan and flew in for the Classic. I guess he didn't speak much English... poor guy! Who knows what they told him! :)
Daddy brought us both back shirts plus Hadlea's jersey!
Fred had to work part of the Classic and sign autographs. Anytime he signed something, he signed something for me... no idea why! These were two of the things... a shirt and a car. He is crazy!
This car he signed and put in Justin's suitcase. He had no idea he did it. He told everyone that Justin was his PA - Personal Assistant, which is why he wrote this...
The weather on Wednesday was beautiful! Hadlea and I went for a walk and then we all played outside while daddy cooked on the grill! I CANNOT wait for summer and more nights like that!
Every morning Hadlea wants an Eggo. She goes in the kitchen, points to the toaster and says, 'mo' ( for more), as she does her sign language. This is what she looks like before daycare... water in one hand (because she will not drink milk anymore) and an Eggo in the other!
with my baby girl! goodness... i love her to pieces!
The other day she was watching TV, drinking some water and laying like this! She would just laugh at the tv... when did she turn like 10?!
Hadlea LOVES to brush her teeth! She loves to brush her own teeth, not for you to help her! Which causes alot of drama morning and night! But oh well... she sure is cute when she is 'bushing' her own as she calls it! It makes her super happy!
After work, we are heading to my parents! We have A&A's wedding shower, and I need to get my baby fix from Logan Michael! Should be a fun weekend! Enjoy...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Logan Michael

One of my very best friends from high school, Jennifer, had her baby boy today! He is so precious, and I definitely see his big sister in his sweet face! We will be going to Medford this weekend, and since Jennifer and her family live across the street from my parents, I will definitely be getting in some baby time... or hopefully, as long as everyone is home and feeling great! I know Hadlea and Ady will need time to catch up anyway! :)
Congrats Mike, Jen and Ady!
We love you!

Logan Michael
11:25 AM . 7lbs 15.8 oz . 20 in

wordless wednesday in videos

I haven't posted videos in a while... mostly because they are a blur since H is always on the run! Where on earth do they get their energy?! Ha!

body parts and animal sounds.

her new fav... feeding Berk one piece of dog food at a time. nice!

dancing to our ABC's.
remember... you are watching her dance, not listening to me sing. i was definitely never in any singing competitions! ha! justin would agree. and i would agree that his video skills are terrible since he didn't focus! :)

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

while daddy's away...

...we will stay VERY busy! :) We have been on the go since last Thursday, and I have taken very few pictures! Justin left Thursday morning at 4AM to go to New Orleans for 6 days. He went with Fred Roumbanis for the Bassmaster Classic, which I am told is like the Superbowl of fishing. This has been the longest Justin and I have been apart in 10 years... and let me just say that I definitely take him for granted when he is here! Justin is such a great help around the house, but most of all, he is my very best friend, and I definitely feel like a piece of me is missing without him here. I am SO ready to see him... which will be in just a couple of hours! Yeah! He has been great about calling and texting pictures.. which the first one was of their limo that picked them up at the airport... so NOT funny! :)
While Justin was gone, we did get a visit from Grammie on Wednesday! Grammie and Grampie brought Hadlea this trike for Valentine's Day! It is super cute and will last a very long time since it converts 3 ways! Hadlea LOVES it...
But most of all, she wants to stand in it! She is such a daredevil... next she will be jumping off of it like she is starting to do her chair! Yikes!
Grampie got Hadlea an ape, and Alan and Amanda got Hadlea a pink bear for Valentine's Day. I guess when we told her it's 'night-night' time, she thought they all needed to go 'ni-ni' too! But not before a few kisses...
On Thursday, her and Grammie bundled up and went for a walk while I worked!
Thursday evening, we went to watch my cousin's play in the first round of Regionals. Grampie was there so we got to see him too... and we got to wear our Medford Cardinals shirt again! :)
She LOVED to watch the cheerleaders and clap! The game wasn't until 8PM, which is way past her bedtime, but she did great!
Friday, I worked, and Grammie and H spent the day playing. That evening, I went out to dinner with Julie, who's husband is with Justin in NOLA. My sweet mother was awesome enough to offer to keep Jackson, Julie's son, so we could go! Julie and I had a great 3 hour dinner eating and catching up, while Grammie, Hadlea and Jackson spent the evening playing hokey pokey and ring around the rosy! Obviously, our Grammie rocks! :)
Saturday evening, I helped host a couple's shower for Alan and Amanda. We did a beach themed shower since their wedding is in Turks and Caicos.
My friend, Pam, who has made several cakes for me, made these cupcakes! She is insanely talented and has great ideas! I sent her a picture of some cupcakes I liked, and she did awesome work getting what I wanted! The shells were made of white chocolate... they were AMAZING!
Alan, Amanda and the hostesses!
With my brothers! I cannot even put into words what these two mean to me. They are the two people I turn to in tough situations, or when I need someone to set me straight. They are my rock. And since they call for advice, I assume I am theirs too! :) Especially my baby brother... he needs all of the advice and guidance he can get! Ha!
With my soon to be SIL! Another love I cannot put into words. Amanda and I's relationship has been easy from the beginning. She has became a rock for me... especially with fashion! Ha! I am so thankful Alan found Amanda.. she definitely completes our family!
My brother's and cousin, James.
James and I
The shower was perfect. Lots of people, sushi and gifts! A great evening with family and friends!
Sunday was a day of shopping! Obviously I look a little rough after staying up until 3AM! This momma just cannot cut the late nights anymore! :)
Grammie, H and Uncle Jake
We had some Carters coupons... so we obviously used them! :)
Super cute daycare outfits!
We also hit up Utica Square, which is an outdoor upscale shopping center. Hadlea LOVED walking around! I sent this picture to her daddy in which he responded, "great. a natural shopper!". He knows he is doomed when she gets older! Ha!
Hanging at Starbucks...
drinking coffee and eating a muffin! :)
Grammie left yesterday, and we were sad to see her go! It was a fun weekend, but we are SOOOO ready to see daddy! It has been way too long. He has had a blast, made some great friends and memories! I am so glad he was able to go on a guys trip since I have been on several girls trips in the past! But I am glad it is coming to an end, and we will see him VERY SOON!

Monday, February 21, 2011

project 365 - week 7

You can find week 6 here!

Hadlea with her favorite person... cousin, Riley! We spent the day with Nana and Riley going out to eat and shopping!
It must have been a bright day! :) Hadlea was dressed and ready for church!
Happy Valentine's Day! Hadlea was dressed in a super cute outfit and had her first Valentine's party at daycare, but this was my favorite picture of the day! Hadlea and daddy shooting hoops on her new goal! She LOVED it!
Rockin' her baby... a nightly ritual!
Vroooom! Hadlea got a new trike from Grammie and Grampie. Her face cracked me up in this picture! It looks like she wants to go really fast!
Cardinal basketball! Grammie was in town staying with us so we drove to watch some of my cousins play basketball. Hadlea loved watching the game, but was more interested in cheering with the cheerleaders. Most momma's would probably say, "that's my girl", but I am so hoping she loves to play ball!
Ouch! Hadlea got her first scrape on her nose by hitting her face on the coffee table. Poor baby!
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