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Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day...

It is snowing in Northeast Oklahoma! We got up this morning to some snow, some ice. Daddy left for work and said the roads were not too bad. I was debating about taking H to daycare and once I looked at my work calendar decided to take her in. I had a full day and couldn't imagine doing all my calls and keeping her. So we left about an hour late and made the drive with no issues. And I am SO THANKFUL I did! She had her best day EVER at daycare! Her daily report said 'HAPPY ALL DAY'! This is a huge improvement as they normally say 'tearful' in the morning and 'happy' in the afternoon. Hopefully I am not jinxing myself, and she is finally starting to LOVE it!
Daddy picked her up and then we spent about 5 minutes outside checking out the snow! {Check out this hat! This came from someone in Rusty's family. I had bought her the same hat and mittens at Walmart, but they put bows on the hat and mittens. It is SUPER adorable and a great idea!}
She loved the snow, but she was most proud of her boots! They are a size 7, so not even close to fitting, but once I showed them to her there wasn't any way she was going anywhere without them on!
She wasn't too sure about feeling it!
 My sweet baby girl and I in her first snow!
H was so funny at dinner tonight! I had made chili, so I fixed her some chicken, carrots, peaches and cheese. She actually ate some of the carrots, surprise! But she would pick up her food and throw it back down on her tray and crack up laughing! She would yell at her daddy to get his attention too! She just thinks she is so funny these days!! ...but I SO agree!
 love this face!
After dinner, it was bath time and a little running around naked {her favorite thing ever} ...with her boots!
Now, H is in bed and daddy and I are watching the National Championship game, Auburn vs Oregon. I am cheering on the Ducks... but we will see! :)


Emily said...

Oh my stars - her naked little butt in those boots is too cute. I'm dying over here, seriously. LOVE it! Ha!

I want her coat for myself too. Yay for pink with toggles!

Grammie said...

Love her!!!! thanks for sharing with us.

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