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Thursday, January 20, 2011

a sick/grammie weekend...

So I am just getting around to recapping our weekend. The last few days have been SUPER long with a sick baby girl, but I think she is on the mend and is in a much better mood! Thank the GOOD Lord! But anyway, Grammie arrived Friday so we went to get Hadlea and could definitely tell she wasn't feeling herself. We were going to go out to eat, but we had a cranky monkey on our hands so Grammie babysat while daddy and I went out to eat! After dinner, we came back to play for a bit. Hadlea had my camera cord and definitely knew what it was for as she tried to put it in my camera! :)
She looked SO miserable! Her face was getting so chapped from her snotty nose that I kept putting aquaphor on it... that stuff is such a life saver!
After a little play time, daddy and I left to go meet some friends at a karaoke bar! It was definitely an experience and so much fun!
Saturday morning, we woke up and spent the ENTIRE day playing. I was supposed to go get my facial and massage that Justin got me for Christmas, but Grammie wasn't feeling that well so I called and canceled. It was so nice to spend the day at home playing. We had such a great day! This little girl could play in clean laundry in a basket ALL day!
Sunday morning, we went to church and again, spent the day playing! Hadlea was in a great mood, but still clingy and cranky at times! But she sure looked cute no matter what!!
This is her new thing... bending over to laugh or tell you something! It is hilarious!
Precious girl... her eyes are so sad!
Her favorite toy at the time!
She will 'get' you!!
Maybe my new favorite picture to date! I know I have a new one every week... but her bending over laughing just makes my heart smile!
On Monday, Hadlea woke up worse so I called and got her into the doctor. She loves standing looking out the windows and waving at the cars that go by!
She ended up having a double ear infection! Poor, poor baby! I felt so terrible!
When we came home, we lit a fire and relaxed! She LOVED the fire!
When it was supper time, she got out her cooking utensils, drink and snacks. She played like this for about an hour!
After dinner, it was bath and play time! Grammie showed her how to ride on a blanket and she LOVED it. She was so relaxed just lying on the blanket!
We have had a great week, but I will post about it tomorrow!
Hope everyone is having a great week themselves!

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Jenn said...

Poor girls, hope she's feeling better now. I love that picture of her bending over - too cute!

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