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Saturday, January 29, 2011

project 365 - week 4

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Happy 9th Birthday, Riley! We celebrated Riley's birthday. Hadlea was super good and loved watching all of the kids! Riley still might be her most favorite person EVER! She will watch his every move. Riley is so good to play with her and still calls her his little Haddie May!
Daddy in bows! We spent the evening playing with Hadlea after a very busy weekend! She thought daddy looked super cute in a bow. She would bend over, look at him and do her 'growling' laugh! She is such an entertainer!
Ready for bed! I bought these pjs a long time ago and actually found them in her closet. Wish I would have got them out sooner as she might be able to wear them one other time! Oops! But she sure looked cute!
All about her babies! Hadlea is becoming a little mother! Not only does she love and pat on her babies now, she also needs a cover to keep them warm! Ha! She was pushing her babies in her stroller before bed, walked off into her room and came back with this blanket. There is just no telling what goes through this sweet girls mind!!
Touchdown Cowboys! ...Dallas Cowboys! And never to get mixed up with the OSU Cowboys! :) Hadlea has been saying 'tut-tut' and holding up her arms for a while now. I just had a super proud mommy moment and needed to capture it! If this girl LOVES shopping and football like her momma, we will definitely be the best of friends... if not, she better learn to fish with her dad! Ha!
First fever... you can tell here, right?! Hadlea got sent home from daycare with her first fever of 100.4! I kept telling her she just wanted to come home to her momma! She was in a super great mood and  ate and drank everything I put in front of her. We had so much fun playing. She is starting to walk better in her boots that are 3 sizes too big! Ha! Whatever makes her happy...
Spring in January!? It was 70 degrees so we spent time going on a walk and swinging in the backyard! Hadlea couldn't go to daycare since she was sent home the day before with a fever, so she got another day with momma! She played so well while I worked! And we didn't go anywhere today without her baby... can you see her?! :)

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