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Sunday, January 23, 2011

project 365 - week 3

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Sickly! Hadlea wasn't feeling well! She had a runny nose and was SUPER cranky! She had several dirty diapers...YUCK! Her eyes were almost matted shut in the mornings. She wasn't eating well, and I do not know if it is her age and her appetite is slowing down, or she just feels that bad! Grammie was in town so we spent ALOT of time playing. We didn't leave the house for TWO days... which is crazy for Grammie being in town! We are normally always on the go!
Silly girl! Hadlea's cold was getting better! She got dressed in a new outfit and looked SO cute! She was in a great mood even though she was still snotty and coughing! Grammie was still in town, so we spent another day playing at home! She is always on the move...
MLK and Dr Day! Grammie and I were both off for MLK Day, and Hadlea was acting worse so I made her an appointment and took her to the dr. She had a double ear infection! {sad face} But, we got her some medicine! After the dr, we spent the entire day playing! This is how she plays while daddy and I make dinner!
Hadlea still wasn't feeling well so I stayed home with her! We spent alot of time cuddling and watching cartoons! I definitely didn't mind all of the cuddles! It was so nice to spend the day resting with my sweet girl! Just hoping she feels better soon! This is too sad of a face...
On the mend! Hadlea is starting to feel and eat alot better! Hadlea loves bananas and finished off an entire banana! She gets so excited when she sees bananas and starts yelling, "mamas, mamas". And that grin... I just love it... and could eat it up too!
Snow day! We received tons of ice and a little snow over night so all schools and daycares were closed. Hadlea got to spend another day at home with momma! YEAH! She was so good all day! We spent most of the playing in her room. I took her mattress out to lower her crib and she thought playing and jumping on the mattress was the best thing ever! I got alot of 'CHEESE' faces...
Hadlea went to daycare, and when daddy and her got home, we left to go shopping for Riley's birthday! We picked up dinner to go and headed home to eat! Chris, G and Taran stopped over, so Hadlea and Trevin got in some play time! How in the world does she look like a toddler in this picture!? She looks so much older to me! She is making the funniest faces these days...

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