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Saturday, January 01, 2011

picture recap of 2010

Happy New Year!
2010 was an awesome, yet scary, year! I loved watching each new stage of Hadlea's life, but I hated to see my brother in so much pain through the year... however, it all ended perfectly! Hadlea is 1 going on 13 and Jake is almost back to his old self! I have no complaints about 2010, but I cannot wait to see what 2011 brings us! I so look forward to the new year! I hope you all do the same, and we wish you nothing but happiness and good health!

{** warning... lots of pictures**}
I thought I would do a quick recap of 2010, but it turned out to be somewhat of a book. Sorry! We had so many firsts this year, and it was SO fun to look back through the year... I have so many fun memories! I still cannot believe I have a 1 year old baby girl! And the busier she gets, the faster I know it is going to go... but I cannot wait! Enjoy the recap... if you can stay around that long! Ha!

New Years Eve 2009
Grammie was in town to babysit so daddy and I headed out to dinner at a restaurant on the river. After dinner, we were supposed to go to the casino, but I was missing the girl too much, so we headed home for me to feed her and put her to bed, and then it was off to the casino! A year later, and I am still not any better at leaving her than when she was a few days old!
1 month old

We did alot of this... snuggling!
 We got our first smile while talking to her in the bath!
2 months old!
 Hadlea celebrated her 1st Valentine's Day!
We got to send some super cute cards!
Hadlea was baptized on Valentine's Day!
We had the Massacre of 2010 when momma trimmed her fingers nails and butchered her thumb! :(
We got more smiles by the day and was definitely a morning baby!
We started bumbo and tummy time!
3 months old!
 We had our second round of family pictures!
 Hadlea was dressed in the dress that I came home from the hospital in, bought by Grampie!
Hadlea LOVED to go for car rides!
 Hadlea ate cereal for the first time!
 We went to the zoo for the first time!
Hadlea found her feet... and didn't care about anything else!
 Hadlea started trying to sit up! :)
4 months old!
 Hadlea celebrating her first Easter!
 Hadlea's first time riding a horse!
 Hadlea's first time fishing!
 Hadlea's first time on a boat!
 Hadlea's first time out of state to Kansas City!
 Hadlea's first time swimming!
 Hadlea's first swing at home!
5 months old!
 My first Mother's Day!
 Hadlea's first time in a high chair!
Uncle Alan and Auntie A were engaged!
Hadlea's first tornado siren and her shelter! :)
 Hadlea's first weekend on the lake and in a cabin!
6 months old!
 We took 6 month pictures!
 We had a 6 month bday party!
 Daddy had his first Father's Day!
 Hadlea attended her first Bassmasters on Father's Day!
 Hadlea drove her first semi!
 We took alot of walks with H and B in the stroller!
 We went swimming in the backyard!
We started our teeth journey and now we have 11!
7 months old!
 We celebrated 4th of July at Kaw Lake!
 We took more family pictures!
 Hadlea got her ears pierced!
 We put in her first pony tail!
 We spent more time on the lake!
 We spent time swimming at Uncle Alan's!
 We went to the water park!
Hadlea started crawling!
8 months old!
 We went on an airplane to Naples!
 We spent time on the beach!
 We went to build a bear!
 Hadlea started throwing things out of the doggy door!
 We started getting TONS of kisses!
 I was crazy and jumped off of a cliff!
9 months old!
 We spent Labor Day at the lake!
 Hadlea went to her first parade while...
 momma went to the OSU/TU game with Uncle Jake!
 Jennifer and Ady visited and we went to the zoo and aquarium!
 We rode 4-wheelers at the farm!
 We checked cattle with Grampie!

 Hadlea wore her first Dallas Cowboys outfit!
proud momma moment! :)
10 months old!
 We celebrated Auntie A's 30th!
 I took Hadlea's Halloween costume/butterfly pictures...
 which turned into her skater girl pictures! :)
We went to a pumpkin patch!
 Daddy and I went to a concert!
 Daddy built her first play set!
 Hadlea started walking more with her walkers!
 We changed carseats!
 Hadlea started at her in-home daycare!
We took another trip to the zoo!
 Hadlea started 'loving' on all of her babies!
11 months old!
We took Hadlea's pictures for her 1st Birthday!
I took her smash cake pictures!
She is still loving and snuggling with her babies!
We celebrated Thanksgiving in Medford!
She went to her first Japanese Steakhouse and loved to watch them cook in front of her!
She learned to say hello on the phone and is now obsessed!
Hadlea started walking!
12 months old!
We sent some super cute 1st birthday invites!
 We celebrated the morning of Hadlea's birthday with a candle in a biscuit!
 We celebrated Hadlea's birthday with TONS of friends and family members!
 We sent out some fun Christmas cards!
 We went to church Christmas Eve!
Santa came Christmas morning and brought her chair!
Our Christmas as a family!
Hadlea started at a church daycare!
 We took a walk in 70 degree weather in December!
New Years Eve 2010
This NYE we were invited to a pajama party at the Roumbanis house (the fisherman). Since Grammie was in town, we decided to go. Hadlea was just getting out of the bath when we were leaving since we didn't go until late, and I wanted to make sure we got one family picture on NYE... and here it is! :) This just makes me laugh! This is the first time I have ever seen my husband dress up for anything that is costume-ish! I was glad he was a sport and agreed to go! We had an awesome time and met some really great new friends! It will make 2011 even better!
Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe NYE... here is to an even better 2011!

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