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Sunday, January 09, 2011

our weekend...

I guess my break from blogging came a break for daily pictures! I really haven't taken very many over the last few days! Shocking.. I know! But I do have some to share! And... some sweet little girl turns 13 months old today... {Didn't we just celebrate a 1st birthday like last weekend?! Goodness... where does the time go?!} I guess I better go ahead and do a 13 month post. I haven't decided if I will do them monthly going forward. Until then, I better do something! I am also planning to do Project 365... will share that in another post!

Since the last time I wrote, we have pretty much worked, went to daycare, went to the gym, ate and played! {How does it seem like we haven't done anything, but it has consumed over a week of our time? :) } Let's just start on Friday as these have to be THE MOST precious pictures to date...
1st Pig Tails!
{look at the expression! she is so stinkin' cute!}
These pictures are from the same day! I put the pig tails in and then she needed her clothes changed and bows added! Her daddy took this picture, and he was 'super' proud of his photography skills! I tell him it isn't hard to photograph something that adorable! Ha!
I {heart} this picture! We took about 5 of these and every time daddy would try to get her attention, she would say cheese and smile at me. Once I would look at her, she would just laugh! It was the funniest thing, and she thought she was super funny! :)
Friday night, we went out to eat and then to Bass Pro for daddy to get some fishing stuff for his tournament on Saturday. Dinner was the WORST to date! She was NOT going to sit in her high chair, and she was NOT going to eat! We had to take turns eating and taking her out. I was super embarrassed. I think Justin and I were sick when we got home from eating so fast! But, of course, she was PERFECT afterwards in Bass Pro... go figure!
Once we got home, it was bath time. She LOVES the bath. It doesn't matter where we are in the house if we say, "Do you want to take a bath?", she will drop what she is doing and head do the bathroom, saying, "bath, bath, bath" the entire way!
She has a cup and normally gives Berkley a drink. He has been trying to jump in lately so right before we got out that night, I just put him in the water. I thought he would get scared and try to jump out and he would learn to stay away, but it did the opposite! OOPS! He LOVED it, and Saturday night wanted in again! He will now be locked out of the bathroom during bath time! :) {And I do understand this will completely gross non-dog lovers out! I am just fine with that! :)}
Saturday morning, daddy headed out to fish with Fred, while Hadlea and I headed over to the Roumbanis house. Julie invited us for breakfast and bellinis! She fixed us an amazing breakfast of fruit parfaits, french toast and adult Bellinis, which were awesome! :) We played with the kiddos and before we knew it, it was after noon. So we stayed for lunch too! Ha! We didn't leave until 3 because Hadlea wouldn't nap there and she was melting fast.
Before we left, we decided we would come back for dinner! I mean... we ate breakfast and lunch there, why not dinner too!? Ha! I was going to cook dinner while H was sleeping and bring it back when the guys got home. We had meatball subs and salad. It was a fast, good meal! So... we spent almost the entire day at the Roumbanis house! It was such a great time! And obviously Jackson and H are becoming the best of friends!
Today, Sunday, we got dressed and headed for church! We picked up dinner after church, got a few groceries and came home!
H and daddy played a bit before it was nap time.
While Hadlea, daddy and Berkley were sounds asleep, it started snowing! Everything was covered for a bit and then it started to warm up and melt. Now, it is icing over! Yikes! But maybe daycare will be closed tomorrow, and I will have no option but to keep H home with me!! We are supposed to get 2-3 inches. Hopefully enough to cover everything so Hadlea can play in it tomorrow!
After nap time, it was more play time! Hadlea has learned to 'blow'. It is really funny!
 She LOVES this little car! And see her doe-ggy in the purse in the background? She likes to carry it around and say, "bubba"!
Right before dinner, Rusty and Nana showed up to play for a bit. After they left, it was time to eat, bath and then more play time. I was playing with Hadlea as she started to walk into the kitchen. I took these pictures of her as she walked in there because I LOVE these pajamas! I normally do not worry about her being in the kitchen because there is not too much she can get into. She does play in the towel drawer, which is fine. I heard her open and close it a few times and then it got REALLY quiet...
....and I walked into this! Yes, I about had a heart attack right there on the spot! I guess we will definitely be making a trip to the store tomorrow for some baby proofing help! And YES... she was VERY proud of herself!
 She even stood to clap for herself! This is the fastest picture I have ever taken before I could get to her to get her out! :)
This girl is CRAZY! And she is NOT scared of anything! I hope it is only a phase... although it seems to be a long one! Ha!

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