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Thursday, January 13, 2011

our week...

I am not sure where time goes anymore or how we squeeze in so much into our days, but I guess at the end of the day, it always gets done... but it still doesn't seem possible! It hasn't snowed anymore, but it has been down into single digits in the morning! COLD! And I absolutely HATE cold weather! I am always begging my husband to let us move further south when it gets to winter time! I just cannot stand the bone chilling-ness of the cold! And don't give me any flack you northerners... I have NO IDEA how you take that cold!
Anyway, I walked in the monkeys room (which I just realized we call her 'monk' more than we call her Hadlea at home, but on here, I call her Hadlea, Had or H... strange! :) to find this! She was passed smooth out! But I thought she looked so cute! She ended up sleeping almost an hour later than normal this morning! She must have been super tired!
Once I got her up, we got ready for daycare! She wore her outfit from her Aunt Donna! And of course her hat! She LOVES these hats and normally brings them to me to put on her! Ha! 
Just for a quick daycare update: She is doing AWESOME! This morning, we walked in, took her coat off, took her hat off, I carried her over to see the other kids and then she reached for the daycare girl... like she reached, like... she was ready to stay and me to leave! Ummm... I think most momma's would be SUPER sad, but NOPE, not this momma! I was SO proud! I think we are either breaking our daycare phobia or FINALLY adjusting! And I REALLY wanted to do a little dance as I walked back to my car... but I didn't! Ha!
And just because my sweet baby boy doesn't make the blog much these days... know he is always just steps behind me and probably right outside of the picture! He is such a momma's boy and would never get too far out of my site! I just love him so much! {And I think he is sticking his tongue out at me taking his picture! Silly boy!}
This was yesterday morning. She decided to tear up my VS magazine! She is into tearing up just about anything! I have had to put up some of her books that do not have the hard, thick pages because she rips them out! YIKES! Calling her destructive is an understatement!
And tonight, our power went out! I guess there was a line break about an hour from here and affected towns all around us... almost 10,000 people! It was crazy! We had just ate dinner and got H out of the bath when Uncle Alan stopped in for a short visit. Right before he left, it went out. It was out about an hour and a half. Thankfully, we have a generator so daddy hooked it up so we were able to have heat and a few lights. Hadlea thought the flashlights were super fun! This is me pointing one at her feet and she would kick at it! It was HILARIOUS! There is never a dull moment with this chick! 
Hope everyone has had a great week!
Someones Grammie is arriving tomorrow night for the weekend!
I better get all of my hugs in before then!
I am useless once Grammie arrives!
boo.hoo.hoo. I know!

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