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Friday, January 21, 2011

our week in a recap...

This has been the longest 4 day work week EVER! I always look forward to a long weekend and then a short work week, but it never fails... I have to squeeze 5+ days of work into 4 days! And it ends up brutally ugly! And two days of Hadlea being home with me and trying to work doesn't help in getting too much done either! I sure did enjoy her sweet company though! However... it is FRIDAY, and I am SO ready for the weekend! We have a sweet boys 9th birthday, hopefully some time with friends and then Sunday, I have a very much needed hair appointment! Yeah!
I left off on Monday on my last post, so I guess that brings us to Tuesday! :) I kept the monkey home with me since she still wasn't feeling too great! She took a morning 'rest' {I say rest because she played in her crib for about an hour, but never went to sleep!} and a long afternoon nap. It was nice to get alot of work done during those times! When daddy got home, I did more work and then we road with him to take his boat to storage. You can read here about how we realized Hadlea was signing the word 'more' to us! That still makes me giggle... she is just too smart!
On Wednesday, H went to daycare and had another great day! Her report said 'HAPPY' with an added smiley face! Oh... it's the little things that make this momma happy! That smiley face just made my day, and I am so glad she is adjusting! But adjusting or not... she is just so perfect!
Wednesday evening, Nana and Rusty were coming over for dinner and bringing pizza. H was starving before they arrived so I went ahead and fed her. Can you tell she LOVES a banana?! Ha!
She devoured the ENTIRE thing!
Hadlea isn't always so sure of Rusty, but he normally wears a hat. He took it off, and she figured out he wasn't so bad after all!
And she always loves her Nana!
Rusty held her baby while she read them a story!
Then she read her baby a story and then read us a story! {She will seriously look in a book and start jabbering... like she is reading! This girl is crazy!!}
H and her Nana!
H and Rusty looking for 'doggies' out the window!
Thursday, we were snowed it... or more like iced in! It started sleeting about 11PM Wednesday night and it sounded like hail. We didn't get more than a dusting of snow, but everything was covered in ice. And, everything was closed... even Hadlea's daycare. So it was another day home with momma, and momma trying to work! Hadlea was great, and we had a super fun day!
A few days ago, I went in to get Hadlea and seen this!
She was reaching over the side because she had dropped her pacifier. I about had a heart attack... I immediately called her daddy and told him that night we HAD to lower the bed. We forgot! So I figured I would just go ahead and do it. When I took the mattress out and laid it on the floor, she got so excited! We jumped on the bed for a bit, which she kept yelling, "gain, gain".. so we did it again and again and again! Then when I went to lower the bed, she had so much fun playing on the mattress. She would jump on it herself, play with her toys, pacifiers and read books! 
I love this picture. This is so her... many times a day!
And how does look so grown up here?!
 This would be her new 'cheese' face!
Check out those teeth!
 a closer view!
I cannot believe she has 11 teeth!
 LOWERED! She wasn't too sure what to think...
I gave her a pillow and her blanket and she acted like she was sleeping.. and then she would laugh!
Hadlea was in a great mood most of the day. We played until she was completely worn out! Nana brought her this camera, and I was teaching her to look through the lens!
 We, of course, read alot!
And she CLIMBED alot!
This is how she gets in her car now... not through the door, by standing on her drum and climbing in! She never slows down!
It has been a great week! Hadlea is at daycare, and I am looking forward to a fun weekend with H, Justin, friends and family! Hope everyone enjoys their weekends!

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Jenn said...

Looks like you had a fun week. Love the pictures. She's getting so big. She's such a beautiful little girl!

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