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Friday, January 07, 2011

If we are going to be BFFs...

... then maybe you should know more about me! {I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it was super fun at the beginning of a new year! Play along if you haven't already!}

I know... I am in the middle of a blogging break and it has been SO nice! Hopefully, I do not get too used to it! I know some little girl's Grampie is missing his daily pictures! But, I guess it was a good time because my camera broke, and it had to be sent off to get fixed. Ok... so that really isn't an excuse because I have another, but I have to plug it in to upload pictures and the other one has a card that goes in my computer so it is much easier to upload.. oh well, I will start back next week! We have a super fun weekend planned. I will post on it... you guess it, next week... Ha!

And yes, I did revamp my header during my break! The other one was too busy, and I wanted something simple. Daddy and Berkley were left out... but I think they will both be fine with it! :)

So...if we are going to be BFFs, here is what you should know about me:
  • I LOVE sweet tea w/ lemon {I will take it over pop, beer, wine, etc.}
  • I went to the same school ALL of my life! {I only graduated with 25 kids!}
  • Family is #1 {no questions!}
  • I cannot imagine life without football {sounds crazy, I know!}
  • I always have my toenails painted, but hardly ever paint my fingernails.
  • I put lotion on every night before bed!
  • I honestly had no idea there was another kind of love before Hadlea...HONESTLY!! {I LOVE my husband, but it doesn't compare! ...he agrees!}
  • I normally go without eating and drink 1 diet coke before dinner {I am normally too busy and forget}
  • I CANNOT stand for my kitchen to be dirty {my mom and husband will second this!}
  • I rarely buy clothes that are not black, white or gray {not on purpose!}
  • My favorite colors are pink and black {but I hardly ever wear pink!}
  • My favorite number is 12 {no reason at all... but I did just make 12 bullets!}
There you go... just a few randoms!


Emily said...

This is so super fun! I think I may do this on my blog one day nest week! And I LOVE the new header and would take sweet tea with lemon over anything any day also! : )

Kelly said...

Fun! I tend to buy more black and white clothes over other colors too!

Becky said...

I love this idea, I think I might do it.

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