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Thursday, January 27, 2011

can your baby do this?!

touchdown {dallas} cowboys!
to say i am one proud momma would be an understatement!
she can do and say touchdown tut-tut!
i cannot get a picture of her facing me.
and these are usually what they look like as she is walking sprinting through the house!
this could possibly be my proudest moment... EVER!
{she has been doing this for about a month. just posting about it and no video. i don't think video of this will ever be possible as she is just too random!}


Jennifer said...

I love it! I remember when Ady learned that. Now she has a touchdown dance!!!

Erin said...

ha ha ha I love it :) Love when they copy things us parents do and when they do it we just love it.. soo cute :)

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