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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

a break...

Well... I am back at it, WORK! I only had 491 emails when I opened my mail from January 17th... which may sound like alot, but I was more thinking along the lines of around 1500... I was so happy I think I just smiled for about 20 minutes! Email around my job is CRAZY... it is nothing to get close to 200 emails a day. I do not have to respond to all of them, but they normally take some type of action.. whether it takes 3 seconds or 3 days! It is alot to keep up with, but I seem to do a pretty good job! Well.. I think I do, others that want a 3 second response and get a 3 day response might disagree! Ha!

Anyway, baby girl went to her church daycare this morning... she did cry, but it wasn't what I was expecting after being home with me for 4 straight days. She seemed to stop pretty fast (yes, I stood at the door and listened!). The last few days I have been 'trying' to ignore her as she played to maybe pull out a little more independence. I think part of her problem might be the fact that I do everything when she is gone from the house or sleeping so she gets my undivided attention when she is playing. Yesterday, she did PERFECT as I left the room a few times to do things... she continued to play. Hopefully she will learn to play with others or more on her own and not need to cling to an adult to play... we will see! :)

I downloaded a few pictures from yesterday, and it makes me so sad! I LOVED being home with her for almost 20 days! I could definitely get used to it, but my job is WAY too good to quit. I know I would never find another one like it if I were to quit, plus, I know Hadlea needs to be out of the house and with other kids. She does LOVE other kids, but LOVES her mommy to play with them too! :) She isn't crazy... she just knows what she wants! Ha!

So enjoy these pictures for a while... I am going to take a break for a bit! I wanted to stay on top of blogging over the break to document her birthday and Christmas, and I am very proud of how I did... so I am going to take a break and enjoy the nights with the sweet girl and the husband! Because it is only 10AM and I am already missing this crazy girl (who now loves to stand in chairs)...
 and all of her many faces!

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