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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 years & ear infections...

9 years ago today, I was standing in a delivery room with my SIL and MIL as the sweetest baby boy entered this world! I will NEVER forget the day Riley Clay was born {and not because it was the last speeding ticket I got as I was trying to get to the college to drop off a paper and get back to the hospital before my SIL, Leslie, delivered him without me! :)}! Riley's birth was an eye opener for me... it was the first time I had EVER seen a baby be born. I had never even seen a video! Crazy, I know! But it was the greatest and most emotional experience I had encountered up to the day! I know how I say Hadlea CANNOT be a year old, but it does not seem possible that Riley can be 9 either!
Riley and I have had some SUPER fun times together over the years! He used to stay with Justin and I all of the time, and I will NEVER take any of it for granted! He is THE FUNNIEST boy I have ever met. When Justin and I talk to him on the phone, we normally end up talking about him the rest of the night as he always says something to make us laugh! So here are a few of my VERY favorite pictures over the years of my Riley Biley!
Rodeo Clown for Halloween... and he was SO MAD at his momma and I for cutting his jeans as he was so sure he had no other ones to wear! It took ALOT of coaxing and promising to get him calmed down! Ha!
His little snowman we built and it was melting as fast as we built it, but he was SO proud!
Shooting guns in Medford {where my parents live}! This was the first gun Justin bought him. We still have it today and will let Hadlea use it when she is older! In this picture he is going to 'shoot' a bird off of a telephone wire... because he said he was "THAT" good!
Riley meeting Berkley for the first time!
He lost a tooth at our house! We asked him how much the tooth fairy brought him for his last tooth and he said, "$9.50"! ...$9.50!! ...I mean, I think I got like a quarter or two! But, the tooth fairy was just as good to him at Uncle Justin and Aunt Hova's house! {And we later found out that he DID NOT get $9.50 for his last tooth!! :)}
Holding his baby girl, Haddie May, as he calls her! I will treasure every picture I have of these two.. and his sister, Hannah, too! He is the best cousin to Haddie!
But my favorite picture to date taken in October!

As I set here and type about all of the above pictures, I was just cracking up remembering some of these stories. Justin and I have laughed and continued to tell stories tonight about this sweet, sweet boy! He will never truly know how much he means to us... but I hope one day he does! He has THE BIGGEST heart for a 9 year old! I am just so blessed to be a part of his life!
Happy Birthday Riley Biley!
We love you SO much!
And on a much sadder note... my baby girl has her first full blown ear infection, and it HAS to be a double! Hadlea was super fussy and clingy over the weekend and since I was off on Monday, Grammie and I took her in. We got some meds, and I kept her home one more day from daycare. Hopefully she gets a good nights rest and can go back to daycare tomorrow! We will see how she acts in the morning! Saying prayers...

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Emily said...

Poor girl! Holden had an ear infection in December that took two rounds of antibiotics to cure... hopefully Hadlea's goes away fast!

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