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Monday, January 31, 2011

another weekend recap...

I sure wish I could think of catchier blog titles, but that is exactly what this is... a weekend recap! :)
Hadlea had to stay at home on Friday since she was sent home Thursday from daycare with a fever! Of all days for her to be home, it had to be the best! It was 70+ degrees... in January! It could not have gone more perfect! I got up early to start working before she woke up. Once she was up, I took her temperature and it was 102.7. I made an immediate call to my personal nurse, Shannan. She gave me her advice... a little Tylenol. I only gave Hadlea one dose that morning, checked it an hour later and it was down to 98.9. She was fever free the rest of the day! Yeah! After breakfast and a change of clothes, it was cartoon time. I will say 'cartoon time' lightly as I think she was actually watching a commercial here and then she was done! But how big does she look here?! yikes!
At lunch time, we got a visitor... Uncle Jake! How awesome does he look!? It just amazes me what they can do with surgery these days! And I know I have said it 100 times, but I am so proud of how my brother has handled his entire situation. Just crazy how bad a softball can bust up a face, but I think we have all come away with a different perspective on life because of it... and for that, I am thankful!
Uncle Jake didn't get to stay long before having to head home! It was great to see him even for a short time! He will be back in a couple weeks to stay a weekend with me! I cannot wait to have a night out with  my baby brother!
After nap time, we headed out for a walk! I couldn't find Berk's leash so he just got to ride in the stroller today. He doesn't mind as long as he is outside! H LOVES for him to ride with her!
We spent so much time playing outside! So now, let's play a game... What is similar in all of these pictures!?
Can you tell we didn't go ANYWHERE without a certain baby!?
Oh this girl just!
Once daddy got home from work, we spent even more time outside! We cooked out hamburgers on the grill... Have I mentioned how ready I am for summer...lake season, grilling out every night, fires, walks, etc. etc. etc!!
It started getting cool once the sun went down, but we were not done playing... we just had to bundle up a bit! And nope... we didn't forget the baby! Ha!
Saturday was another 70+ degree day! Justin left early to go fishing so baby girl and I got up, had breakfast and headed outside! The weather was so beautiful! Instead of going on a walk or playing on the play set, we went to the front yard. I hadn't really taken into account that Hadlea hadn't played much in the grass. Last summer she obviously couldn't walk so she had never really 'played' in the grass... she loved it! She would chase Berkley everywhere!
When she would fall down, she would get up, dust off her hands, say uh-oh, laugh and repeat! She thought falling down was REALLY funny! I got such a kick out of her just walking in the grass! Plus, she looked so adorable! :)
We needed to run a few errands before lunch so we loaded up. We were back in time for lunch and a nap, but after her nap, you bet we were back outside! ...more play time and a walk!
Justin got home around 4... in time to take a shower and all of us get ready! We were dropping Hadlea off with Auntie A and Uncle Alan to go to a KU {Kansas University} basketball watch party that Auntie A was hosting. If you know one thing about Hadlea's Aunt Amanda, it is that she is crazy obsessed with KU... CRAZY OBSESSED... it is almost scary! Ha! And you think I would put 'just joking' here... but no! It is that crazy! :-) So Hadlea got decked out in her KU gear...
Justin and I were going to the Jason Aldean / Eric Church concert! Before we left... daddy and his baby girl!
 My baby girl and I
After dropping Hadlea off with A & A, Justin and I met some friends for dinner on Brookside. We set outside on the patio, which was amazing! It is so crazy how beautiful the weather is in January! After dinner, we headed to the concert! Our seats were AWESOME!
Eric Church. If you ever get the chance to go see him, GO! He is such an entertainer! I hardly every listen to country music, but I definitely have him on my play list!
Jason Aldean. Same as above! Great entertainer. Even though Jason was the headliner, I would go see Eric Church before him again. But Jason was very good and has some great music!
On Sunday, we woke up to about 40 degree weather! Completely different than the last two days! Bummer! Hadlea didn't get up until 10:30, so we decided on church at 5PM. We spent the morning playing! At one time, daddy, H and I were all writing on the aquadoodle floor mat and having the best time! I LOVE days with just the 3 of us... they are so few and far between!
They are calling for a major snow and ice storm Monday night into Tuesday so we decided to hit the grocery store... with the rest of everyone in eastern Oklahoma! But we took our time and had fun! Hadlea was perfect... and she wore her 'My Uncle Kicks Butt' shirt! Super cute!
When we got home, we played, Hadlea got a bath and then we had more play time! She was in a SUPER great mood and was so funny... more animal sounds... {obvisouly she associated I LOVE YOU with blowing kisses! :) }
our nightly came of peek-a-boo...
After H went to bed, we spent some time cleaning and getting ready for the week! Next weekend, we head to my parents as I am helping host a baby shower for my friend Jennifer from high school! She is due with baby Logan, which could be anyday! We cannot wait to meet him!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

project 365 - week 4

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You can find week 3 here!

Happy 9th Birthday, Riley! We celebrated Riley's birthday. Hadlea was super good and loved watching all of the kids! Riley still might be her most favorite person EVER! She will watch his every move. Riley is so good to play with her and still calls her his little Haddie May!
Daddy in bows! We spent the evening playing with Hadlea after a very busy weekend! She thought daddy looked super cute in a bow. She would bend over, look at him and do her 'growling' laugh! She is such an entertainer!
Ready for bed! I bought these pjs a long time ago and actually found them in her closet. Wish I would have got them out sooner as she might be able to wear them one other time! Oops! But she sure looked cute!
All about her babies! Hadlea is becoming a little mother! Not only does she love and pat on her babies now, she also needs a cover to keep them warm! Ha! She was pushing her babies in her stroller before bed, walked off into her room and came back with this blanket. There is just no telling what goes through this sweet girls mind!!
Touchdown Cowboys! ...Dallas Cowboys! And never to get mixed up with the OSU Cowboys! :) Hadlea has been saying 'tut-tut' and holding up her arms for a while now. I just had a super proud mommy moment and needed to capture it! If this girl LOVES shopping and football like her momma, we will definitely be the best of friends... if not, she better learn to fish with her dad! Ha!
First fever... you can tell here, right?! Hadlea got sent home from daycare with her first fever of 100.4! I kept telling her she just wanted to come home to her momma! She was in a super great mood and  ate and drank everything I put in front of her. We had so much fun playing. She is starting to walk better in her boots that are 3 sizes too big! Ha! Whatever makes her happy...
Spring in January!? It was 70 degrees so we spent time going on a walk and swinging in the backyard! Hadlea couldn't go to daycare since she was sent home the day before with a fever, so she got another day with momma! She played so well while I worked! And we didn't go anywhere today without her baby... can you see her?! :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

happy girl & animal sounds...

Hadlea is such a happy girl these days! I am always looking forward to our evenings when she gets home from daycare. She is loving daycare so much and ALMOST blew me a kiss bye yesterday morning! She was still a little hesitant, but she definitely didn't cry! Our nights are so fun and always leave Justin and I laughing long after she goes to bed! Silly girl...
She loves walking around with a blanket over her head and playing peek-a-boo!
She LOVES her pillow pet! We play with it every single evening!
And of course, we play with babies... push them...
cover them up to keep them warm... She is just so loving!
Yesterday afternoon, I got called from the daycare that Hadlea was running a temperature of 100.4. I went to get her, but I am pretty sure she just wanted to play hookie from daycare! She was in a great mood. She did run a small fever after getting some medicine, but I am hoping it breaks, and we will have a fun day at home! The weather is supposed to be great!
And she still LOVES her boots... even though they are about 3 sizes too big!
I have been trying to figure out how I could get Hadlea's animal sounds on video. She does NOT stay still long enough to get them all together. So yesterday while she was playing with her boots, I tried it out and finally got them... all but the horse, which may be the funniest or 2nd behind the duck {crack, crack}!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

can your baby do this?!

touchdown {dallas} cowboys!
to say i am one proud momma would be an understatement!
she can do and say touchdown tut-tut!
i cannot get a picture of her facing me.
and these are usually what they look like as she is walking sprinting through the house!
this could possibly be my proudest moment... EVER!
{she has been doing this for about a month. just posting about it and no video. i don't think video of this will ever be possible as she is just too random!}

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more & hiding...

Just a couple of videos today!

I tried and tried to get H signing more on video, but she just wanted a bite! Ha! You can see it at the very beginning as I started filming as she was doing it, rather than before! Oops! But you can hear her say more too! :)
This girl LOVES to play hide and seek! She is seriously the only baby I have ever met that will go hide in a dark closet or under a bed in a dark room and giggle until you find her! I thought babys/kids were scared of the dark!? :) I am hiding in our spare bedroom here and just have my camera outside of the door, which I am surprised she never seen... I just love her growl!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

another weekend...

Justin and I were discussing this past week how fast the days, weeks and months are flying by... and here we are, entering another week! Crazy! I sure wish time would slow down! But, the times are great, and, at the same time, I am kinda wishing that next week would be May, and we would be leaving on our Turks and Caicos vacation for A&A's wedding! I am so ready for the beach with friends and family, maybe a few umbrella drinks and watching H as she plays in the ocean for the second time! :) ...cold weather always makes me think about sand and the ocean!
But... in reality here we are, in the cold! Oh well... this sweet girl always makes my days better no matter the weather conditions! She is just too funny these days!
Friday night, when Justin and H got home, we left to go shopping for Riley's birthday! We found him some super fun stuff... although Justin kept migrating to Hadlea's toys section, and I kept migrating to Hadlea's clothes section! After shopping, we picked up dinner and came home to eat and play with H! Our friends, G and Taran, called to see what we were up to and headed over. Hadlea and Trevin got to play for a while before she started melting and needed to go to bed. She did make it until 9PM, however! :)
Saturday morning, we got up and Aunt Amanda made a visit to adjust Hadlea. Auntie A is a Chiropractor, and she has worked with so many kids with ear infections. I used to be so good with getting Hadlea adjusted, which may be why she hasn't had a ear infection like this before she turned 1. I have to do a better job with getting her in!
Saturday morning, I decided it was time to start taking H off the morning bottle. She only has her morning and night bottle now, and we really need to get rid of them both. So... I put her milk in her sippy and warmed it a bit, walked into her room and when she looked at it, you would have thought I had beat her! OMGoddness... she was beyond mad and cried for almost 20 minutes. She cried so long, her daddy came in to check on her and she was laying in the floor throwing the biggest tantrum. I tried to console her, but when I realized it wasn't going anywhere, I walked out of the room and sat in the living room and she eventually came in there and drank her sippy! It was not a pretty site! She was much better after getting a drink and some food. We then got ready for Riley's birthday party! How cute is this?!
Grammie and I went shopping right after H was born at a little boutique and bought alot of their 12 month sale items! I think it was originally around $90 and I got it for $20! Obviously a good purchase! :) Her daddy loved the hat and wanted her to wear it, but she wouldn't keep it on, so we went with a bow... 
Hadlea and the birthday boy, Riley Clay!
 Hannah, Had and Ry
 Hadlea loved the balloons!
 Daddy and his baby girl!
 Riley and his cake that Nana made!
The race track went through the cake! Super cute!
 Singing Happy Birthday!
 He wanted to cut the cake!
 piñata time!
 Opening presents!
Riley had such a great birthday! It is so hard to believe he is 9 years old! It has been such a blessing to be a part of his life. He just loves Hadlea and it melts my heart. It was so much fun to see him interact with his friends. No doubt he is probably the life of his class! He is always saying something so funny!
When we got home from the party, we spent some time playing with H! She has been lovin' on her babies more than normal. She will also lay them on pillows and cover them with blankets and lay beside them... Justin and I wonder where she learns some of this stuff! While we were playing, she would lay her baby down and then lay on top of it and pat it... like she was trying to put it to sleep! I wonder if this is what they do to her at daycare when she sleeps on a mat. Oh... how I would like to spend one day watching her at daycare! :)
Saturday night, we were invited to a last minute party at the Roumbanis house. Most of the same people from New Year's Eve were there so it was nice to see some of them again. We took H and she was SUPER good! She was somewhat the life of the party. She would walk around carrying her babies, keys and lipstick and share with everyone! She is normally really shy, but everyone was so good to show her attention and play with her. As we were getting ready to put her down to sleep {which wasn't until after 10PM!}, I changed her into her pjs and she was telling everyone goodnight. She had warmed up to a few of the other guys who she would actually go to and then someone handed her to Rashaun Woods. (Rashaun played at OSU {Oklahoma State University} and then played in the NFL for the 49ers. He now lives and coaches in Oklahoma City.) She wasn't too fond of Rashaun, obviously! Everyone got a big laugh!
On Sunday, I got up and ready for church. I was going to let Hadlea sleep until she woke up since we got home late from the night before, and she didn't have a great nap the day before because we had to wake her up to go to Riley's party. Church was at 11:00... and she finally woke up at 11:30! So... I guess the 5PM mass was our option! :)
After she got up, I was afraid we would have the same reaction to the morning sippy cup. It wasn't 'as bad', but she still wasn't happy to see the sippy cup. She didn't ever drink the milk, but she did finally drink some water and Gatorade. After breakfast, H got some play time in with daddy...
They played with the blanket, babies and her bows! She thought it was super funny that daddy would wear a bow! She would bend over, look at him and do her 'growling' laugh! She is so entertaining! I wonder what we did for entertainment before her?! 
This little boy took his Sunday afternoon nap!
This chair gets ALOT of use! :)
Sunday afternoon, I went to get my hair done and daddy went to work on his boat, so Alan and Amanda babysat. They took H over to some of their friends that have two girls so Hadlea got a playdate! They said she was super good and had fun! Auntie A sent this picture of her make-shift high chair of blankets!
It was a great weekend!
Here's to another good fast week...
but hopefully next weekend will be slower!!
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