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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I cannot believe tomorrow I will wake up to a 1 year old baby girl! Every time I think to deeply about having a 1 year old, I just break into tears! And it is not because it makes me older (already feel too young and immature to have a daughter, period :)... it is because she is growing ENTIRELY too fast! She is my pride and joy, the center of my world... and I do not want this next 17 years to fly like the last year has!

Hadlea Easton,
Tomorrow morning, your daddy, Aunt Shannan, KK, Brynlee and I will wake you up with a cupcake and candle in hand! I hope you have the best day ever! I love you sweet girl!
No matter the age, you will always be momma's baby girl!
And just a few fun bath time photos!
Please also remember my little brother, Jake, tomorrow as he goes in for his surgery! We pray for peace as he gets ready, the doctors as they get ready, and a speedy recovery!
Happy Wednesday!


Patti said...

I remember crying on Emersyn's first birthday when everyone was singing her "Happy Birthday"....I was so thankful to have a baby girl to sing to. I was the same way with her second birthday, although turning 2 was almost even harder because she was officially not a baby anymore. :)

Love the picture of you and Hadlea, beautiful girls!!

Praying for your little brother too!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's her birthday tomorrow already. I've been crying every night as I plan Asher's birthday party - the time is just going too fast!

Happy early birthday, sweet Hadlea!

Emily said...

Seriously when did our babies grow up so fast?? I have been following many December babies like my own and I can't believe that they are all actually turing one! {Holden will be one next THursday} This past year has flown by! Happy Birthday Hadlea!!

Rene said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hadlea!! Enjoy your 1st birthday and look forward to many many more!!

We are praying for Jake and his recovery this day!

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