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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rico, Uh-Oh & Decorations

One weekend when Justin, H and I went Christmas shopping, we picked up the Elf on the Shelf. If you haven't heard of the Elf on the Shelf, you can go here. The Elf watches your house and reports back to Santa every night and then comes back, so the next morning the Elf is in a different place. I think this is a fun tradition to start with Hadlea! You can name your elf and register it online. We named ours Rico! I thought it was an easy name and well... I thought he looked like a Rico! :)
Hadlea checking out Rico! We had a long discussion about Santa and Rico today... I am pretty sure nothing registered! :)
Hadlea has said uh-oh for some time, but she now says it more distinctly and somewhat with a southern drawl! It just crack us up! And if you add a Spaghetti-o after it, she will continue to say it another 100 times! {sorry for the bad quality. my camera wouldn't focus.}
I finally finished my Christmas decorations too... finally! I got such a late start because of the 1st birthday party that I didn't end up doing much! I LOVE to decorate for Christmas, but I love to take my time and do a little at a time. There is such a warm cozy feeling with all of the lights on! I have a few other things out throughout the house, but didn't take pictures of them.
Our tree!
{now with some of the presents}
The mantle!
(And you can see our new family picture that I put up a couple of weeks ago!)
Hadlea's tree in her room!
Grammie and I bought this tree at Hob Lob a while back. I think it has been in her room for a month or more now. I thought it turned out wonderful! I LOVE it!
Hadlea has received some very special Christmas Ornaments. Most of them were Baby's 1st Christmas, but Patty, a lady I work with met us yesterday while we were out shopping and gave Hadlea her 2nd Christmas ornament! I thought this was so perfect! I have heard of so many traditions with ornaments this year that I cannot wait to start some with Hadlea! I believe I will start buying one of these every year and I want to start a tradition of getting an ornament with her picture on it every year. I have 2009 and 2010's ornaments, but need to add pictures to them! I think these will be so fun to look at in the coming years...
Hadlea and I spent another day playing! We had the Roumbanis family over for dinner tonight. We ordered ribs from a local wine bar, and they are hands down the best ribs!! YUM! Hope you are enjoying the holidays!!

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Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, she's gotten so big! Love the video! So cute!

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