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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

party time...

**warning...really long post** :)
When my friends were throwing me my baby shower and we decided to have it at my house so people could see the nursery, they decided to use my nursery colors... black, cream and olive green. These are not your ordinary baby girl nursery colors. I received TONS of questions as to why I chose those colors and didn't use pink. Well... I picked out the bedding first and went from there. I LOVED the bedding and still do... I just think people automatically assume a baby girl's room will be... well, pink! :) So when trying to decide on the party colors for the BIG 1st BIRTHDAY, I knew exactly what to go with! I am not a theme-y person... which may make me crazy as Hadlea starts asking for Dora, Princess, etc parties! I definitely think the bribes will start coming out then... and don't judge me! :)

For the colors, I went with diva pink (as Justin called it), black and a little zebra print! I knew there were tons of things I could find in these colors, and I think it turned out perfectly!
The Princess's throne! :)
I found the balloon at a party place and bought it MONTHS ago... I am actually surprised I didn't forget about it! Ha! I made all of the tissue paper poms! They are the easiest and cheapest thing to make! I would definitely recommend them if you are having a party... especially since you can get tissue paper in tons of colors and prints these days!
The fireplace... more poms and my friend Taran made the banner! It sure pays to have creative friends!
Above the cake table... more poms and another Taran banner!
The table!
(sorry for the lighting!)
These sticks are covered pretzels, which I them covered in colored candies!
My friend Pam, from high school, made this cake! OMGoodness it was the best EVER! I even had people tell me they do not like white cake, but loved this! I am VERY picky about cake... I only like white, and it definitely stood up to my high expectations! Ha!
I emailed Pam about 4 cakes and had her piece them together... I came up with the color scheme to match other decorations I was using! I could not have been more pleased!
The Drink Station!
Obviously I ran a little late in taking this picture! This was after it was half gone and so were the pretty pink cups! :) But you get the idea...
Treat bags!
I put TONS of stuff in the treat bags, although I forgot to send them home with some of the kids! Oops! I will try to catch the ones I missed! The day was SO crazy and hectic, but so fun! I loved these little bags and is what inspired the polka dots on the cake!
And now for the guests... what is a party without amazing friends and family! I think we had over 50 people, which is an AWESOME turnout for a 1st birthday! Thanks to everyone who came! We definitely have been blessed with THE MOST genuine, caring and loving friends and family! I was hoping to get pictures of everyone, but I missed quite a few!

Our family of 3...
(and yes, this was the only picture we took!)
Hadlea and her Godparents...
I could not have chosen two more caring people in this world to leave my daughter to if something were to happen to Justin or I. I know they love her more than I will every truly know!
Hadlea and her grandparents...
Grammie, Nana and Grampie
Hadlea and her Great-Grandparents...
So amazing that Hadlea is able to make a relationship with them! Not everyone is so blessed!
Our girls...
Brynlee, Shannan, me, Hadlea and KK
Our other half...
nephew-Riley, SIL-Leslie, Justin, me, niece-Hannah and Hadlea
(Riley wore his hair spiked and a Dallas jersey just for me! Love those two kids more than they will ever know!)
with the Roumbanis family...
Julie, Jackson, me, Hadlea
Julie is the wife of the professional fisherman. They were so sweet to come to the party and bring Hadlea her first fishing pole! :)
Justin, Had and his mom/her Nana...
My high school bff Cat, her daughter and my Goddaughter, Kate and I...
They drove over 2 hours to be with us... could not ask for better friends!
Our adopted parents...
Richard and Deb have become like second parents to Justin and I... and an extra set of grandparents for Hadlea! They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met! Richard is Justin's fishing partner for his tournaments. He MADE, from scratch, this rocking horse for Hadlea! It is the most precious thing and gesture... She LOVES it!
Silly girls... unhappy Hadlea...
This just cracks me up!
Grandpa (my Uncle David) and cousin, Riley...
My cousin Krissy and her husband Ryan are in the process of moving so they sent Riley with Krissy's dad to the party! My Aunt Brenda was helping them move, but I was so glad they all thought of us enough to send David and Riley Kate! It meant so much to have them at the party! Although, I think I got Riley off guard! :)
Uncle Danny and Aunt Shelly...
Another couple that drove over two hours! They never forget Hadlea... no matter her birthday or a holiday! They gave her the cutest books for her birthday. We have read them 100 times!
My Godfather, Uncle Gary with Hadlea and I...
Gary and his family drove 3 hours to come to the party! He is the most amazing person I have ever met. I am so thankful that he is a part of my life! I know I can always count on him!
with cousins, Taylor and Kelsey...
As we were preparing for the party, I knew there was a possibility it could be extremely cold. I tried to think of something the kids to do to keep them entertained, and I came up with making Christmas ornaments! The kids had a blast! I got ornament kits from Michael's, and they had a blast making different ones!
Some of the kids took their ornaments home, but this is what we had left here! I think they did great!
After the kids were done with the ornaments,
it was CAKE TIME!
I had no idea how Hadlea would react with a large group of people looking at her and singing, plus, she doesn't always like the texture of cake. As we started to sing Happy Birthday, she just looked around...
 She then put in one finger and took a lick...
Next, this girl dug in like she had been tearing up cakes for years! Ha!
 She shoveled and shoveled it in...
 She ended up getting a little help along the way... KK, B and Hannah had fun digging in as well!
 Looks like they got a majority of it!
And now onto the gifts! Hadlea raked it in, as usual! She is such a loved little girl! I hope one day she knows... and is beyond thankful!
 Her first fishing pole! I think daddy is super proud!
 And a monkey from Aunt Les and the kids! She loved it!
 Taking a break and wearing Uncle Joshie's sunglasses!
A riding toy that plays music from Jim, Janelle and Josh, Aunt Amanda's parents and brother!
She LOVES this thing!
 happy girl...
No idea why it will not rotate..
Adorable shoes from Aunt Shan!
 Adorable coat from Uncle Jake!
 Diamond earrings from Nana and Rusty!
 Rocking horse, chair from Uncle A and Auntie A and her little rider!
She is obsessed with that chair!
And of course the playset from Justin and I, Grammie and Grampie and Nana and Rusty!
 After presents, we did more ornaments and let the kids play. Hadlea went down for a nap for a couple of hours, but was still so sleepy after waking up. She did some more playing and then bathtime!
She got some snuggle time with Grampie!
 And maybe some juice before bedtime?!
She called it a night early and headed to bed! We started cleaning up and decided to let all of the balloons go! It was so windy and cold that day... it was fun to see them fly off so fast! And a special thanks to Alan and Amanda for picking up and paying for the balloons!
Grandad and Gigi stayed the night with us so we got up the next morning, played with H and had breakfast! They headed home mid-morning! We were sad to see them go! Thanks for staying with us!
I would say it is pretty obvious that Hadlea is LOVED beyond measure! I think I cried for days because she was turning 1 and now I cry because of everyone that showed up to celebrate our baby girl! I know so many others wanted to be with us, and I completely understand that it is not always possible, but know you were missed. Uncle Jake was recovering from surgery and didn't make it, but we talked to him several times throughout the day! All we want is for him to get to feeling better fast! Thanks again to everyone that made it, sent a gift or thought of us on Hadlea's special day! And a thanks to my hubby... he never once questioned anything I did or anything we sent him after! He is the very best!

Hadlea Easton,
We hope you enjoyed your very special day! Although you will probably never have memories of it, I hope you are able to look back at pictures and see how loved you were! Happy 1st Birthday baby girl! After only one year, I cannot imagine life without you!
I love you to pieces! Love, Momma

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Kelly said...

Too funny, I had the same theme for Kenzie's 1st birthday party last weekend. I will say, I will not attempt the cake next year, I love your cake! I will have someone make mine. :)

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