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Thursday, December 30, 2010

our wednesday...

Here is our Wednesday in pictures...
We got up and dressed and ready to head to daycare!
 I LOVED H's outfit! Carters.
I think they got TONS of our money this Birthday/Christmas. :)
And then this hat. LOVE it too! Walmart.
They always get a ton of our money! Ha!
Daycare was iffy. She cried when I dropped her off and wouldn't sit on her own to eat. But, they said she was perfect, funny and laughing during playtime. Hopefully she will start eating on her own next week, or she will get VERY hungry! :(
After daycare, it was home for some playtime. We played in the box Grampie made us!
 Hi! (which is normally what she was saying!)
 Can you see everything she dragged in the box behind her?!
baby, purse, clothes, towel, Rico and toys!
 Riding time!
After our play time, she took a nap, and momma did laundry and some cleaning. Boo! After her nap, we played a little more, ate a snack and then headed to Kathleen's, which is a boutique here in Tulsa. They were having their half off sale on bows so I took a few outfits to have matched. We happen to run into Becky, Brinley, Becky's mom and sis! You can read about Becky and sweet Ms B here. Becky married Greg, who I went to high school with and is the aunt of my friend Jennifer. Such a small world! I helped Becky with Jennifer's baby shower for Ady what seems like forever ago, and I have followed her blog since she started it. It was great to finally meet Brinley in person... she is just adorable! So great running into y'all Becky! I hope you found some great deals around Tulsa!
Once we got home, daddy was home which = more play time! Daddy cooked dinner so we ate and then it was bath time for H! She is starting to go to bed earlier again since starting daycare. We are also starting to brush our teeth twice a day.. she LOVES to have her teeth brushed and usually gets pretty upset when we take it away! :) But I would rather have that then fighting to brush her teeth!!
Really?! When did she get big enough to sit on her own and chew on her tooth brush brush her teeth?! Crazy!! And look at those chunky thighs... just like her momma's! :)
I took this in the bath...
Her hair is getting so long!
Once we got our pjs on, we came into the kitchen to find daddy cleaning out the refrigerator. Hadlea decided to help... or maybe supervise!
And since we hadn't taken out all of the trash since Christmas and our house was covered in paper and boxes, daddy decided to bag those up and get rid of them too... Hadlea again decided to help or supervise! This just cracked me up watching her carry this box to her daddy... she was just laughing and squealing!
And she loves to wear her hats.
She has the sweetest face EVER!
I cannot believe today is already Thursday! The week has flown by, but I am loving every minute with H! I could just eat her up with a spoon! She is just so perfect!
My SIL sent me this picture she took of Hadlea and her cousin Riley at our Christmas! This pretty much shows how she feels about Riley! She LOVES him and any picture she sees of him she points and says... something! I am still trying to figure out what alot of those somethings are! :)

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Becky said...

It was great to see you to Heather and to finally meet Hadlea! She is such a cutie!

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