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Friday, December 31, 2010

our thursday...

Thursday was another daycare day, and the last for the week for Hadlea! It didn't go so well... hopefully after she gets on a better schedule she will start doing better! Poor girl... just makes her momma so sad! But she sure looked cute, huh?! :)
We played a bit before going to daycare this morning! She seen her daddy's Bass Pro magazine and reached for it so I gave it to her in her chair. She opened the page to a man, pointed and said, 'dadda'. Then she turned to these lures and said, 'fish, dadda fish'. I don't think she meant to put them together, but I was laughing hysterically and then had to take a picture to send to her dadda. He was SUPER proud!
When we got back from daycare we ate more lunch since she still didn't eat well today. This girl LOVES Cheerios and could probably finish a box in just a few days! If she sees a box, she normally squeals with delight! :) So after eating a good lunch, she got her favorite for dessert!
After nap time, guess who arrived...
She was SO glad to see her Grammie! After finally drinking her entire cup of juice (she must have been thirsty), she hugged and hugged on her Grammie... I  have barely got to touch her since Grammie arrived! :) I feel the same about having my momma here! It never gets old!
We went for a walk since it was in the 70s! It was SO nice outside, but super windy. But we couldn't go anywhere without a baby!
After our walk, we went out back to swing...
 She loves to swing, but always prefers her baby swing! No idea why...
She thought kicking Grammie was really funny!
 swinging with Gram!
 Getting up to slide!
 some hugs for momma!
 now swinging with momma!
 This little boy was in heaven playing fetch!
I LOVE his sweet face!
We are headed out to do a little shopping with Grammie! Should be a fun day!

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