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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

our days, new words & daycare

These last few weeks of being home with Hadlea have been! I have one more week off of work and then back to the grind. I would love to be a SAHM, but at the same time, I have so much respect for each of you! Getting to work from home allows me to clean and do laundry during the day while H is at daycare. I love this because I do not have to do it at night when she is home, and it allows me to spend more time with her. During time off like this, it makes me wonder how in the world you SAHMs get anything done other than at nap time!? I swear my house is a disaster and out of control, but oh well, I will get it back together eventually! Right now, I am enjoying time with my sweet girl... She is in the funnest stage yet, and I cannot get enough of her little laugh and personality! Our days are consisting mostly of this...

getting up playing in our pjs...
eating some breakfast...
her first time eating eggs!
getting dressed to run some errands!
(I need to do a better job of planning our errand runs! I went to take a couple of things back on Monday, stood in line in the return line for 30 minutes for them to tell me how much I would get back, took 30 minutes trying on clothes to decide what I wanted, then stood 20 minutes in line to checkout only to need my license for the return, and I didn't have it! It was in Justin's wallet from when we went bowling on Christmas Day... grrrr... an hour and 20 minutes down the drain! But oh well... Hadlea was perfect. It could have been worse!)
playing with our toys!
drawing on the aquadoodle!
I think we might be able to start our own toy store!
think we have enough riding toys!? :)
playing with our babies!
and carrying our purses...
putting things in and out of them 100 times!
and talking on the phone!
Hadlea has started to put things to her ear and jabber and then start laughing... like she is having a conversation with someone. We really cannot get enough of it and are always handing her the phone to talk on.. it is hilarious!
Monday night we went to the Goff's house for dinner. Trevin got a motorized 4wheeler for Christmas. He doesn't like to push the button, but would rather push with his feet... Hadlea got on and pushed the button the first time and road across the living room! It was priceless. I cannot wait to buy her her first motorized vehicle! I know exactly which one I want her to have!! :)

H is becoming more of a toddler by the minute! I swear sometimes I say something and I think she tries to repeat it... awesome, but also VERY scary! :) She is also saying new words and following new commands on a regular basis :
  • thank you (when you give her something)
  • go (when she gets in her car and wants to be pushed)
  • yes (she is starting to shake her head yes and no to questions... and she usually does it correctly)
  • cheese (she says cheese when she eats cheese and cheese when she sees a camera! :) i believe she has had one in her face enough to know the difference! Ha!)
  • she now winks, with both eyes!
  • Hadlea has atleast 3 more teeth, which would take her to 11... ELEVEN! crazy!
Hadlea has been in an in-home daycare since around Halloween. We recently took her out. In the process, we got a call from a church daycare where we had put our name on their waiting list when we first got pregnant. When they called with the open spot, I told them I didn't need it, but then thought, maybe I should just try it. I went and looked at it and the people were amazing! It seemed like the perfect fit for us! They have art and music time every single day. They have play time either outside or in a huge open auditorium room with tons of toys. Once she turns 2, they have chapel time with the Children's Pastor. There were so many positives to this place that I was blown away.
Hadlea is a complete momma's girl... period! She doesn't like to get too far from me and after a couple of months, still cried every single time I dropped her off at the old daycare. I have said so many prayers that she adjusts well to this new daycare. I want her to be with other kids, but I want her to be happy... which is my main concern for her right now! I know she might be happy once I leave, but I want her to just walk right in to a place, see her friends and wave good-bye as I leave... I know it will eventually happen, but I do pray that this will be her home... her daycare... with her new friends! If not, we will do something different... in the meantime, I will just pray!

note: I added some pics from my phone to my christmas post here.


The Undomestic Mom said...

Love the picks of Hadlea! So precious! I know it must be hard leaving her at day care but Im sure she has a blast! Your a good momma!

Joy said...

She is so cute- and what a haul she had on Christmas!

Bonnie said...

Girl, I feel was so nice to have my boy all to myself last week! I wish so bad I could be a SAHM too. Not in the cards for all of us :( Hadley is getting so big & I hope the daycare situation works out. She is a beautiful girl like her momma!

Becky said...

I just love her chair!! It is too cute. Hope the daycare works out. Have a great New Year!

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