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Monday, December 13, 2010

friday night before the party...

Does it feel like I have made 100 different posts as I gear up for the party?! {I think I am starting to feel that way} If so, you're in luck... tomorrow is THE POST to tell you all about it! Don't you feel lucky!? :)

So Friday evening, we had our annual Justice/Huskey Christmas! We dressed up the girls in some Christmas gear and set them in front of the fireplace for pictures. They did so good! I think we snapped about 5 pics, and we were done! Hadlea just LOVES KK and B, and I know the feelings are mutual. They were my 'babysitters' for the weekend and made sure that Hadlea's every need was tended to! :) And there was ALWAYS someone in charge... but the sweet girls always took turns being in charge of Hadlea! Goodness I just love them! And to say my heart didn't about explode when we got this picture, would be a complete lie!
Brynlee Ann, Hadlea Easton & Kennedy Kay
We then moved on to gifts! These girls LOVE their bathtime and princesses so what is better than a princess bath set! You bet we used them instantly after the gifts for bathtime!
 I also got them GAP hoodies!
 Ms H opening her gift!
 A tea pot set! She loved this!
We all spent some time playing tea party!
After gifts, as I said, was bathtime... but not before a quick couple of pics! Kennedy!
 The 3 girls about to start 'princess-ing' the bath water!
After the girls were in bed, it was time to set up and finish the decorating... Here is a sneak peak! :)
Check back tomorrow for the party pics!


Emily said...

Can't wait to hear about it! That photo of the 3 girls just about melted my heart - what sweeties!!

Bonnie said...

Looks so cute! I love the little Christmas outfit she is wearing. I made some of those pomander balls for Jarrett's party. I hated throwing them away b/c they are so pretty!

Erin said...

love the decorations.. i want to see the entire picture that is on your fireplace!!!

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