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Friday, December 10, 2010

the day of her birth...

So I survived the day my baby girl turned 1 year old!! I sure hope the years get easier... and SLOWER! :) We had such a great day! Hadlea is remembered and loved by so many. I am pretty sure she had her greatest day to date! :) It started with being woke up by me, KK, Brynlee and her Aunt Shan while we all sang happy birthday! I am pretty sure we terrified her with our singing and barging in her room, but she soon warmed up!
For breakfast, our neighbor, who owns a donut shop, brought donuts. So we had donuts, sausage biscuits and pop tarts... which were all a hit and a HUGE variety!! Ha!
Kennedy, Hadlea and Brynlee at breakfast!
Kennedy had made Hadlea a snowflake and was bummed when they got in Wednesday night to find Hadlea asleep and couldn't give it to her... so the first thing KK did that morning was give her the snowflake! I know Hadlea loved it! Sweet KK!
Time for a candle and more Happy Birthday singing!
After breakfast and getting ready, I headed to Oklahoma City for my brother's surgery. Hadlea was in a great mood, and I SO hated to leave her, but I knew she was in great hands spending the day with her Aunt Shan, KK and B!
Her shirt says Miss December!
While Jake was in surgery, I ran down the road to see my friend Jessica's baby, Jestyn Reese! Holy cow she is so tiny and perfect! I cannot believe a year ago I was holding something so tiny! :) She fell asleep while I was holding her, and I could have stayed there ALL day! It was great to see Jessica too!
While I was in OKC, Shan sent this picture of the girls!
Hadlea got to open a birthday present from Shannan's mom!
Thursday evening when I returned from Jake's surgery, which went great by the way, I cooked lasagna for Hadlea's birthday. She LOVES it and can almost out eat me when we have it! :) After dinner, we had some muffins, hers a chocolate chip, yes, I know I splurged, (Ha!), but I thought she would have enough cake Saturday! :) Alan, Amanda and Nana came by so it ended up being a small fun party... which wasn't planned, but turned out fun!
And more singing for her birthday!

After her muffin, it was present time!
She got a turtle pouch that has balls in it that she can pull in and out from Alan and Amanda! In less than a few hours of having it, she had mastered getting ALL of the balls out and throwing them! Ha! Also from A&A, she got some blocks and a CUTE Christmas outfit! Auntie A sure knows how to pick them! She had got some cards in the mail that I had let her open earlier, but forgot to take a picture. Our neighbors, the Duncan's, her Aunt Donna and her Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa had all sent her money! I know there will be something she 'needs' soon so we will be saving for an awesome toy! She got the puzzle from Shan's mom. When put the animals back in, they make sounds. Thanks so much to all!
While she was opening the other gifts, Nana and daddy were putting together another toy that came in this...
A new car! She loved it!
Driving is tough work!! But we told her it is illegal to drink and drive! :)
Two hours past her bedtime, she finally started wearing down! She took a bath and then got some Uncle Alan time!
It was a great day, and she was absolutely perfect! She must have known it was her own special day! :)

Today, we are playing with her new toys and gearing up for the big party tomorrow! I cannot wait to see her face when all of the kids show up! It should be another great day!

1 comment:

Erin said...

oh what a great birthday day!! We have one of those cars and Alex loved it.. I know Avin will too once she can sit in it!!

can't wait to hear about her party!

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