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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010 pt 2

Now onto our Christmas Day afternoon... this would be Christmas #5 and our last to celebrate! We had THE BEST Christmas Day ever! Definitely having Hadlea made it more special, but this year our family actually got out of the house and did stuff rather than lying around watching football... more on it all later!
After most of the food was ready, we all got dressed and waited on Alan and Amanda!
My baby girl and I Christmas Day!
Grammie and Hadlea
Hadlea in her chair and playing with her monkey!
After lunch, I tried laying Hadlea down for a nap before opening presents, but she was NOT having it! I got her up and it was present time! Hadlea and I's stockings from Grammie and Grampie!
And yes, my parents still give us stockings filled with socks/boxers for the boys, scarves for the girls, our favorite candies, etc. I think it is somewhat hilarious, but a great tradition! It is something I will always do for my kids as well... and hopefully when they are all 30+ too! :) And also in our stocking, we get a VERY nice check! My parents are just too good to us every year! It must have been another good year on the farm as the amount went up from last year... although we would be happy with anything, or nothing, it is so fun to get these and run out to buy something we REALLY have been wanting!
And not only do we get checks, my mom always WAY over does it with the gifts... clothes, pants, and boots... defintely right up my alley and as always, too much money spent! I know every year after Christmas we always talk about cutting back... or that my mom needs to cut back on the gifts, but I think she does the oposite and only buys more! :) But no complaints from this girl... I will never turn down new clothes! Thanks, momma!
Hadlea's presents that I opened because she didn't care one bit... again! :)
Maybe her favorite present of the season... a purse! (a Kansas University purse no less from Auntie A) She has carried this thing around since Saturday and put things in and out 100 times! She LOVES it!
BUT... How in the world does she know to carry it on her arm?! I barely carry a purse because I put everything in the diaper bag, but the first thing she did was put it on her arm... this has me completely baffled, and we have all laughed about it... I guess men cannot blame us women for our love for shoes or purses or our need to buy them... it is just in our genes! Ha!
Auntie A bought H a KU purse and shirt, but since Uncle Alan is an OSU (Oklahoma State) fan, she didn't want to be selfish so she through in an OSU sippy and pacifiers! Obviously she loved it too! :)
She has two proud uncles with the OSU pacifier!
Playing babies with Uncle Jake!
And playing on the phone with Auntie A!
Still carrying around the purse... can you see Auntie A's phone she stole?!
Hadlea hit the jackpot on clothes... This might have been the best set of clothes yet!
More clothes and toys... I have to say thank you to Grammie and Auntie A! They knew she got TONS of toys and didn't need anymore (not that she needed more clothes either, but they are better than toys that will never get played with!). So thank you to them for not buying just to be buying...
 The KU purse and shirt!
And definitely momma's favorite present for H of the season... from Auntie A and Uncle A... so much a favorite that I cried when I opened it! :) A Juicy Couture outfit... SCORE! Instead of presents, they decided to splurge on this outfit, and I couldn't be happier! I have been wanting one of these outfits for... well, since I found out I was having a girl! I look at them every single time I go in to this boutique here in Tulsa, but I could never bring myself to pay that much for an outfit. I am so glad they did! :) Thank you both so much... you truly do not know what you mean to us!
Picture Time!
My family... who are not only the center of my universe, but my heart! I love you all more than you will ever know!
And my family of 3... minus Berkley! ...who was busy chasing her cousin Avery!
Auntie Amanda, Hadlea and Uncle Alan
Uncle Jake and H
Grammie, H and Grampie
Hadlea and her Uncles!
My brothers, my baby girl and me!
Uncle Alan, H and I
And now onto the fun part! Since we were doing Christmas in Tulsa this year, I decided to call around and see what would be open on Christmas Day. I called the bowling alley, which also has an arcade and go-carts, to find out if they would be open and sure enough they were! I cannot even put into words how much fun we had! It was such a great time with just our family! Hopefully we can make this a yearly event! :)
Hadlea waiting to play some skeeball!
We had some major hoops contest!
I do not know if it is good or bad that we are all so competitive! :)
More skeeball with G & G!
Auntie A and I
Grammie and H playing games!
Skeeball with Auntie A!
Some Dance Revolution!
Uncle A and H
Daddy and H riding the motorcycle!
Boys shooting guns!
Grammie and her girls!
Hadlea driving the car!
Go-cart time!
And now bowling time!
H bowling with her Grampie!
rolling the balls...
jumping with Uncle Jake!
Like I said before... best.Christmas.ever! We will have so many memories from this day forever! After bowling, we headed home and all of the kids, minus H, went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks while Grammie and Grampie kept H and put her to bed! We had a fun evening of stories and laughs...
I know I have so much to be thankful for, and times like these are only reminders... Thanks everyone for the amazing gifts... but most of all, your LOVE for Justin, Hadlea and I! We love each of you so much!
Merry Christmas!


Erin said...

Sounds like a blast :) !! Love all the outfits she got!!

Emily said...

Glad you all had a great Christmas! I love Hadlea putting the purse on her arm - some things are just instinct! HA!

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