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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas 3 - Nana

Today, we had Christmas #3 with Justin's side of the family. Justin went to bed not feeling well last night and even got sick a few times through the night so he stayed home and slept in. Hadlea and I got up and tried to be quiet, but she was in such a great mood! We had so much fun playing and eating our breakfast! Hadlea's cousin Anna Grace told us about cinnamon eggos and how she LOVES them so we got Hadlea some to try...
And she seems to LOVE them too! Thanks for telling us about them Anna! We love and miss you! :-)
 After breakfast we got ready and then headed to buy a few groceries. Hadlea was SO funny today! I think she aged like 3 years over night and just made me laugh all day! She wore her Auntie is AWESOME shirt today for her favorite aunts!
After her nap, we all got dressed up for the big Christmas! My MIL, SIL, BIL, niece and nephew were all coming over. My sweet girl and Rico... she LOVES to give him love!
 play time while we wait...
Once everyone got to the house, it was instant play time for Hadlea and Riley! She LOVES Riley... even when hitting him with an empty wrapping paper stick!
After dinner, my phone rang and Santa popped up on the screen. We still have no idea how he knew Riley, Hannah and Hadlea would be at our house at one time! Riley couldn't think of one thing to ask for...
Hannah asked for an iPad! :)
Then a few family pictures... for some reason we have THE hardest time with pictures! :)
Justin, Hadlea, Riley, Hannah and I
 Leslie, Justin, Riley, Hadlea, Nana and Hannah
 Nana and her grandkids
 The sweet kids... and Hadlea! :) She was NOT into pictures!
Love this!
 And FINALLY present time!
drums from aunt les and family!
a sweet bear from aunt donna!
Every year I call Riley and Hannah and ask what they want for Christmas... this year it was ALOT of big things! Tramplines, DSIs, iPads, etc... and then they both said BB guns! I said no way, but Uncle Justin was determined to buy them both guns! And no 'you'll shoot your eye out comments' or you can say them to Justin... I specifically made the tags out from Justin so when they shoot the car, house or each other, it is NOT my fault! :) But it sure was nice to see there super excited faces!
I also got them DS games...
I also got them bubble bath sets, Riley got a car set and I got Hannah this Furreal pet that you can walk. It was SO cute!
 Hadlea got tons of fun presents!
 She loved her couch from Les and the family!
 Hannah and Hadlea got matching hats and coats from Nana! They were ADORABLE!
 All her fun gear! Berkley even got treats and a toy from Aunt Donna and a toy from Nana!
 Justin and I got shoes... we picked them out separately and a month or more apart... think we have the same taste?! :) This has probably never happened and NEVER will again! Our taste is far from similar!
 I received a beautiful necklace from Nana and Rusty.
 Hadlea received an awesome bracelet with an H from Aunt Donna!
Thanks to everyone for the gifts and coming to spend the evening with us! We had a great time, and it always goes too fast! I know Hadlea had a great time and was out within minutes of everyone leaving! We are so blessed with amazing family! My family arrives tomorrow, and I cannot wait for church and to spend Christmas day with my baby girl!
Merry Christmas!!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Great pictures! Hadlea is too cute in her Santa shirt & tutu.

Thanks for the Christmas card. Love it!

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

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